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Republican National Convention 2012

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  1. SNL: First Show of the Season Premieres with Clint Eastwood and an Invisible Obama Parody (Video)

    3:38 pm 9/16/2012

    Bill Hader returns to the live comedy series with his impersonation of the controversial director and breakout star of the Republican National Convention.Read more

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  2. Mitt Romney: 'I Was Laughing at Clint Eastwood' RNC Speech

    8:54 am 9/10/2012

    The Republican candidate says he was quite honored to have the actor speak on his behalf.Read more

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  3. Fox News Wins Convention Cycle, Dems Outdraw RNC

    4:06 pm 9/7/2012

    Interest in the incumbent drives stronger aggregate viewership, though no network outmatches FNC's six-day average or gross audience.Read more

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  4. Clint Eastwood Breaks Silence on Empty Chair, Told Romney Camp 'You Can't [Vet] Me'

    9:07 am 9/7/2012

    The Oscar winner offers insight on how he ended up giving an unorthodox speech at the Republican National Convention and how the candidates received it.Read more

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  5. Convention TV: An Exercise in Preaching to the Choir

    3:00 am 9/7/2012

    It may be tradition and a few speeches may move you, but it's boring television. Except for Clint going cuckoo.Read more

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  6. Angry Rockers Ensure Mitt Romney Has Little Campaign Music (Analysis)

    10:00 am 9/5/2012

    Hit by legal claims, the GOP candidates find their message and popular music just don't mix.Read more

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  7. Invisible Obama: The Backlash for Mitt Romney and Clint Eastwood

    5:00 am 9/5/2012

    Insiders debate whether the actor-director's bizarre convention appearance hurt the GOP candidate, as Democratic fundraisers seize on speech to drum up contributions.Read more

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  8. MPAA's Chris Dodd Praises Democratic Party Platform on Intellectual Property

    10:33 pm 9/4/2012

    The former Democratic senator also applauds the party's stance on Internet freedom, a week after similarly lauding the GOP's platform.Read more

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  9. Nicki Minaj Raps That She's 'Voting for Mitt Romney' on Lil Wayne's 'Dedication 4' (Audio)

    7:21 pm 9/3/2012

    The recording artist, who has previously vented to President Obama over Twitter, appears to be endorsing his GOP rival on a new track.Read more

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  10. Comic Legend Jackie Mason Defends Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech (Audio)

    4:19 pm 9/3/2012

    The comedian said pundits panning the actor's remarks "sound like idiots to me."Read more

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