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Power Business Managers

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  1. Jerry Braunstein, Hollywood Business Manager and Accountant, Dies at 90

    3:35 pm 10/10/2014

    His clients included Don RicklesRead more

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  2. THR's Power Business Managers 2013

    12:07 pm 11/5/2013

    The Hollywood Reporter’s third annual Power Business Managers breakfast acknowledges the unsung professionals who keep the engine room of the industry's money machine humming. Business managers maximize cash flow from much-whittled paychecks and prevent overindulged stars from acting on their worst impulse purchases. Read more

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  3. Power Lawyer Ken Ziffren on Netflix, TV and Future of Hollywood

    1:11 pm 10/2/2013

    "The question is when does the money run out?" the attorney said of Amazon and Netflix at a Hollywood Reporter event celebrating the industry's top business managers.Read more

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  4. The Sky-High Cost of Keeping Stars Safe

    8:30 am 10/2/2013

    Celebrities pay six to seven figures to keep paparazzi, overzealous fans and the occasional stalker at bay.Read more

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  5. How Business Managers Handle Money for Stars Who Make Less Than They Think

    8:30 am 10/2/2013

    A cable paycheck is all the rage, but taxes, commissions and fees can reduce that to $200K per year, says Scott Feinstein, who manages Taylor Lautner, Mila Kunis and Aaron Paul -- so a client might dream of Lamborghini but wake up to BMW instead.Read more

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  6. How Hollywood's A-List Diversifies: Property Flipping, Restaurants, Fashion and Nightclubs

    8:30 am 10/2/2013

    From Vincent Gallo's and Jeremy Renner's adventures in real estate to Robert De Niro's restaurants, Woody Harrelson's wheat-waste paper mill and Susan Sarandon's table-tennis-themed nightclubs, THR's rundown of the profits and perils of moonlighting.Read more

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  7. A Financial Adviser's Management Advice Through a Hollywood Career Arc (Guest Column)

    8:30 am 10/2/2013

    Tesla or Prius? Depends on your status, writes a Beverly Hills money manager, who gives a blueprint of how everyone from agency assistants to movie moguls should spend and invest.Read more

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  8. Business Manager's Advice for Stars to Deflect Money-Hungry Relatives (Guest Column)

    8:30 am 10/2/2013

    Hollywood success can breed "loan" after "loan," but a top business manager reveals a "tough love" strategy -- and says don't be afraid to evict a family member.Read more

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