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Avatar 2

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  1. Siggraph: 'Avatar 2' Producer Jon Landau Shows Early Tests for Film

    7:26 am 7/24/2013

    “This is going to allow Jim Cameron to light scenes and make the process more efficient,” says the Oscar-winning producer.Read more

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  2. NAB: 'Avatar 2' Producer Talks Underwater Performance Capture in Keynote

    2:47 pm 4/7/2013

    UPDATED: Jon Landau also discusses high frame rates and the state of the VFX business.Read more

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  3. 'Avatar' Producer Offers Peek at Technology Behind Next Two Sequels

    5:58 pm 4/4/2013

    Jon Landau invites THR into his new, solar-powered studio as he sets up the performance capture stages for next two installments in James Cameron's blockbuster sci-fi franchise.Read more

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  4. James Cameron Offers Update on 'Avatar' Sequels

    9:53 am 3/18/2013

    The director talks about the future of Pandora and his creative writing process. Read more

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  5. Cameron: Chinese Na'vi in 'Avatar 2'?

    6:00 am 9/18/2012

    THE REPORT: Don’t be surprised if Chinese Na’vi pop up in the sequels.Read more

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  6. 'Avatar 2' Delayed Until at Least 2015, Says Jon Landau

    11:39 am 4/5/2012

    James Cameron is collaborating with effects firm Weta Digital on an "underwater motion capture system" for sequences that will explore the oceans of Pandora.Read more

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  7. James Cameron 'Fully Intends' to Make 'Avatar 2 and 3' at Higher Frame Rates

    3:18 pm 3/30/2011

    UPDATED: He says at CinemaCon that he is looking seriously at 48 and 60 frames per second. Read more

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  8. Michelle Rodriguez: 'Avatar 2' Will Be Set Underwater

    6:56 am 3/4/2011

    James Cameron's most recent movie, Sanctum 3-D, takes place in underwater caves.Read more

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  9. James Cameron: Why 'Avatar 2' 3D Will Be Better Than the Original

    9:07 pm 1/31/2011

    The director says he's working on improving technology for the sequel.Read more

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  10. James Cameron Set to Make Avatar 2 and 3 for Fox

    6:20 am 10/27/2010

    Sequels are set for release in late 2014 and 2015.Read more

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