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John Carter

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  1. 'John Carter': Disney Scrambles to Save its $250 Million Gamble

    10:29 am 2/24/2012

    Low interest and bad buzz prompt a last-ditch marketing effort for the big budget attempt at launching a new franchise.Read more

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  2. Inside the 'John Carter' Premiere: Taylor Kitsch, Andrew Stanton and a Happy Audience

    4:57 pm 2/23/2012

    Says star Taylor Kitsch: "We made a f---ing great movie in 'John Carter.' It's such wasted energy if I worry about what a million people I don't know are going to think."Read more

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  3. 'John Carter' Star Lynn Collins on Taylor Kitsch's 'Rare Sensitivity' (Video)

    11:29 am 2/23/2012

    The actress reunites with her "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" co-star for Disney's sci-fi adventure based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' books.Read more

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  4. 'John Carter' Star Taylor Kitsch on Playing a Flawed Character (Video)

    10:35 pm 2/22/2012

    The former "Friday Night Lights" actor tells THR what challenged him most about playing the Civil War vet in the film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series.Read more

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  5. Taylor Kitsch 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:51 pm 2/22/2012

    Taylor Kitsch talks 'John Carter' at the film's premiere.Read more

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  6. Willem Dafoe 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:33 pm 2/22/2012

    Willem Dafoe talks John Carter at the film's premiere. Read more

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  7. Lynn Collins 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:21 pm 2/22/2012

    Lynn Collins talks John Carter at the film's premiere. Read more

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  8. Fan-Made Trailer for 'John Carter' Could Be Better Than Official One (Video)

    5:53 pm 2/22/2012

    The unofficial teaser was done in the spirit of "we want to help."Read more

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  9. 'John Carter': Watch 'Sky Captain' Director Kerry Conran's Demo Reel of Early Film Version (Video)

    3:58 pm 2/22/2012

    Andrew Stanton directed the Disney film, but before it was made by the studio, the sci-fi adaptation spent time at Paramount.Read more

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