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John Carter

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  1. Inside the 'John Carter' Premiere: Taylor Kitsch, Andrew Stanton and a Happy Audience

    4:57 pm 2/23/2012

    Says star Taylor Kitsch: "We made a f---ing great movie in 'John Carter.' It's such wasted energy if I worry about what a million people I don't know are going to think."Read more

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  2. 'John Carter' Star Lynn Collins on Taylor Kitsch's 'Rare Sensitivity' (Video)

    11:29 am 2/23/2012

    The actress reunites with her "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" co-star for Disney's sci-fi adventure based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' books.Read more

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  3. 'John Carter' Star Taylor Kitsch on Playing a Flawed Character (Video)

    10:35 pm 2/22/2012

    The former "Friday Night Lights" actor tells THR what challenged him most about playing the Civil War vet in the film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series.Read more

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  4. Taylor Kitsch 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:51 pm 2/22/2012

    Taylor Kitsch talks 'John Carter' at the film's premiere.Read more

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  5. Willem Dafoe 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:33 pm 2/22/2012

    Willem Dafoe talks John Carter at the film's premiere. Read more

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  6. Lynn Collins 'John Carter' Premiere

    9:21 pm 2/22/2012

    Lynn Collins talks John Carter at the film's premiere. Read more

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  7. Fan-Made Trailer for 'John Carter' Could Be Better Than Official One (Video)

    5:53 pm 2/22/2012

    The unofficial teaser was done in the spirit of "we want to help."Read more

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  8. 'John Carter': Watch 'Sky Captain' Director Kerry Conran's Demo Reel of Early Film Version (Video)

    3:58 pm 2/22/2012

    Andrew Stanton directed the Disney film, but before it was made by the studio, the sci-fi adaptation spent time at Paramount.Read more

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  9. 'John Carter' Author's Estate Sues Over 'Pornographic' Comic Book Knockoffs

    6:44 am 2/22/2012

    Two weeks weeks before Disney's 'John Carter' hits theaters, the estate of the original author looks to protect his work. But the case opens up questions about the public domain and the boundaries between copyright and trademark law.Read more

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