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  1. Who Will Work With von Trier?

    6:00 am 5/24/2011

    THE REPORT: The director has survived accusations of anti-Americanism and misogyny, but his Nazi comments could finally sink his career.Read more

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  2. Inside Cannes' Oscar Clues

    6:00 am 5/24/2011

    THE REPORT: For whom will triumph on the Croisette translate back home?Read more

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  3. Best Actress Kirsten Dunst Thanks Cannes for Allowing Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia' 'To Still Be in Competition' (Cannes 2011)

    2:38 pm 5/22/2011

    Jury member Olivier Assayas says "it's a great work" that deserved to be honoredRead more

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  4. Cannes Wrap-up: Todd McCarthy on This Year's Strange, Contentious Festival

    10:28 am 5/22/2011

    From Lars von Trier to Terrence Malick, there were a number of fine films, but no absolute knockouts.Read more

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  5. Lars von Trier Accepts Ban; Says if Hitler 'Made a Great Film,' Cannes Should Select It (Cannes 2011)

    10:26 am 5/21/2011

    "Maybe this is a mid-life crisis," the always provocative filmmaker says of his latest outrageRead more

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  6. British Distributor of Lars Von Trier's 'Melancholia' to Go Ahead With Release Plans

    10:14 am 5/19/2011

    Artificial Eye says it will release movie in September as planned.Read more

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  7. Lars von Trier Named Persona Non Grata in Cannes After Hitler Remarks

    4:33 am 5/19/2011

    The director called himself a Nazi and expressed sympathy for Hitler at "Melancholia" press conference Wednesday.Read more

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  8. Magnolia Pictures Picks Up Von Trier/Scorsese Project 'The Five Obstructions' (Cannes 2011)

    4:23 am 5/19/2011

    The deal was signed before Von Trier’s infamous Nazi comments in Cannes.Read more

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  9. Argentina's DC Refuses to Distribute Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia' (Cannes 2011)

    2:14 am 5/19/2011

    The company cancels contract after the director's remarks about Nazism.Read more

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  10. Lars von Trier's Nazi Remarks Upset Kirsten Dunst (Cannes 2011)

    1:13 pm 5/18/2011

    The actress, who is in his "Melancholia" film, was seated next to the director when he called himself a Nazi.Read more

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