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Safety Not Guaranteed

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  1. Colin Trevorrow to Direct 'Jurassic Park 4'

    2:40 pm 3/14/2013

    The "Safety Not Guaranteed" director will helm the fourth installment of the blockbuster dinosaur series, while original helmer Steven Spielberg will executive produce.Read more

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  2. Spirit Awards 2013: Mark Duplass on Selecting Projects, Oscar Hopes for 'Zero Dark Thirty'

    10:31 am 2/24/2013

    The actor says he's "pissed" Kathryn Bigelow didn't get a best director nom for the Academy Awards.Read more

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  3. Jake Johnson on the Script for ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

    10:29 am 2/24/2013

    Jake Johnson on the momentum of his independent movie and working with writer Derek Connolly. Read more

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  4. Colin Trevorrow Tiptoes Around 'Star Wars' Speculation, Looks to the Future

    5:09 am 11/27/2012

    The writer-director behind "Safety Not Guaranteed" has found himself in the middle of "Episode VII" speculation, which has provided some very surreal moments.Read more

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  5. 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Cast on Their Quirky, Time Travel Dramedy (Video)

    3:42 pm 6/8/2012

    Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza talk surprise endings and crazy characters in a conversation with THR.Read more

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  6. Behind the Scenes of 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    2:39 pm 6/8/2012

    Mark Duplass on how he came across the quirky comedy about a guy that believes in time travel starring Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson.Read more

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  7. Jake Johnson's Top 3 WTF Moments From New Girl

    3:50 pm 6/7/2012

    'New Girl' co-star Jake Johnson gives us his top 3 WTF moments from season 1. He adds, "Well the first one is the three-way with Zoe's character, myself and the landlord. And there would be things like the landlord rubs Nick's face and I felt like, what are we doing."Read more

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  8. Sh*t Talking with Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson and Mark Duplass

    4:43 pm 6/5/2012

    When talking about 'Safety Not Guaranteed' co-stars Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson, Aubrey said, "Mark is amazing, always wanting to do something different, he is interested in keeping it fresh and Jake is just like a violent monster. I just dodged him the entire time." Jake replied by saying, "Aubrey Plaza is as bad as it gets in this business, as a actor and fellow peer she is the worst. Read more

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  9. Facebook, Time Travel and Young Love: 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    11:48 am 6/5/2012

    Star Jake Johnson and director Colin Trevorrow discuss their new movie and past lives in a conversation with THR. Read more

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  10. Aubrey Plaza on Nick Offerman's Blonde Beard

    7:54 pm 5/23/2012

    Aubrey Plaza comments on 'Parks and Rec' co-star Nick Offerman's new blonde beard.Read more

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