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Star Wars

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  1. John Boyega's Friends Thought He Was an Extra on 'Star Wars'

    7:56 am 12/19/2015

    "'All this time I was leaving Monday to Friday. What did you think I was doing?'"Read more

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  2. One Small Change in 'Force Awakens' That Complicates the 'Star Wars' Series (Spoilers)

    4:53 pm 12/18/2015

    In moving away from a decision made in the prequel trilogy, the new guard of 'Star Wars' creators embraces a more realistic conflict.Read more

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  3. After 'The Force Awakens,' Where Does 'Star Wars' Go Next? (Spoilers)

    3:40 pm 12/18/2015

    The mysteries to be uncovered after this year's triumphant return for the space opera saga.Read more

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  4. Barack Obama's Sign Off at Year-End Press Conference: "I Gotta Get to 'Star Wars'"

    12:23 pm 12/18/2015

    The White House was set to hold a special screening of the film in the East Wing theater for military families on Friday. Read more

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  5. Walt Disney Stock Tumbles as 'Force Awakens' Soars

    11:06 am 12/18/2015

    "Even The Force cannot protect ESPN," says BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield as he downgrades the stock to "sell."Read more

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  6. Daniel Craig Cameos in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' After All (Report)

    9:36 am 12/18/2015

    From British secret agent to Stormtrooper.Read more

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  7. Mark Zuckerberg Shares Photo of Baby Daughter Max in 'Star Wars' Outfit

    8:34 am 12/18/2015

    "The force is strong with this one."Read more

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  8. Watch The Roots Perform Raps Inspired by 'Star Wars' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

    6:47 am 12/18/2015

    "I love it when you call me Chewbecca! Throw your Han in the air you're covered in hair!"Read more

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  9. 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailers Unveiled Opening Night

    3:28 pm 12/17/2015

    Eight trailers showed at Regal L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Dec. 17.Read more

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  10. A Breakdown of 'Star Wars' Merchandise Sales This Year

    12:11 pm 12/17/2015

    In 2015, 1.45 million discs of the six 'Star Wars' movies have sold in U.S.Read more

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