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Political Animals

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  1. USA's 'Political Animals' Premieres to Soft Ratings

    11:06 am 7/16/2012

    First numbers for the Sigourney Weaver drama don't yet make a compelling case for a life beyond the original six-episode order.Read more

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  2. 'Political Animals': Ellen Burstyn on Playing Sigourney Weaver's Hard-Drinking Mother (Video)

    9:00 am 7/15/2012

    The Oscar-winning actress tells THR of her risky role: "Sometimes it was kind of hard. I had to talk myself into it."Read more

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  3. Ellen Burstyn on Her 'Political Animals' Character

    8:55 am 7/15/2012

    The Oscar-winning actress plays Sigourney Weaver's unfiltered mother in USA's political-themed drama.Read more

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  4. 'Political Animals': Sebastian Stan and James Wolk on Playing Sigourney Weaver's Sons (Video)

    12:17 pm 7/14/2012

    The actors portray twin brothers with opposite personalities in USA's political-themed primetime soap.Read more

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  5. 'Political Animals': What the Critics Are Saying

    6:04 pm 7/13/2012

    USA's six-episode series created by Greg Berlanti is being compared to the real life of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.Read more

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  6. Sebastian Stan and James Wolk of 'Political Animals'

    4:56 pm 7/13/2012

    The two actors let us know what we can expect from their political drama where they play twin brothers.Read more

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  7. 'Political Animals' Star Carla Gugino on the USA Series' Sex Scenes: 'It Should Push Those Limits' (Video)

    2:48 pm 7/13/2012

    The actress portrays a Maureen Dowd-esque journalist on the political-themed soap opera.Read more

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  8. Carla Gugino Compares Her 'Political Animals' Character to Bob Woodward

    9:41 am 7/13/2012

    'Political Animals' co-star Carla Gugino introduces us to her character, she plays a political journalist in USA Networks new series. The actress also draws comparisons between her character and investigative journalist Bob Woodward.Read more

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  9. 'Political Animals' Star Sigourney Weaver on Channeling Hillary Clinton (Video)

    7:43 am 7/12/2012

    The actress portrays a Secretary of State and former First Lady in the new USA drama.Read more

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  10. Sigourney Weaver Compares Her 'Political Animals' Character to Hillary Clinton

    4:11 pm 7/11/2012

    'Political Animals' star Sigourney Weaver talks politics and compares her USA Network character Elaine Barrish to Hillary Clinton. She added, "I think the glass ceiling bars so many women from running things and I think the only thing that will save our planet frankly is if we have proper representation by women because I think women genetically more practical than men because we will roll up our sleeves and get things done." Read more

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