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Star Trek Into Darkness

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  1. Benedict Cumberbatch Talks 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Secrecy

    12:15 pm 12/6/2013

    The actor says that he doesn't know if keeping the identity of his character secret for so long was good or bad for the movie.Read more

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  2. J.J. Abrams Rethinks 'Star Trek Into Darkness'' Villain Reveal

    12:25 pm 12/2/2013

    Director admits "it probably would have been smarter just to say upfront, 'This is who it is' " when it comes to this summer's secret villain.Read more

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  3. How 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Should Have Ended (Video)

    1:02 pm 10/1/2013

    Magical blood and transporter technology -- maybe "Star Trek Into Darkness" should have had an entirely different ending altogether, suggests a new video.Read more

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  4. 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Debuts at No. 1 on Home Entertainment Charts

    5:36 pm 9/18/2013

    Seventy-two percent of sales for the J.J. Abrams sequel were on Blu-ray.Read more

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  5. Everything You Know About 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Is Wrong

    11:58 am 9/13/2013

    As the movie's Peter Weller explains, it's possible that you were looking at what happened in this summer's installment of the long-running sci-fi movie franchise in the wrong way.Read more

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  6. Why 'Star Trek' Fans Are Wrong and Roberto Orci Is Right (Opinion)

    12:49 pm 9/9/2013

    Paramount's sequel has been dismissed by purists as crass, corny and catering to the lowest common denominator. But are the new films a lot closer to the original sci-fi series than most fans are willing to admit?Read more

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  7. The Enterprise's Secret Weapon: R2-D2

    12:32 pm 9/9/2013

    It appears that J.J. Abrams had a "Star Wars" connection for some time before he signed on to make "Episode VII" -- as cameo appearances from R2-D2 in both of Abrams' "Star Trek" movies demonstrates.Read more

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  8. 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' 'Pacific Rim,' 'Iron Man 3' Lead HPA Awards Feature Nominations

    11:25 am 9/4/2013

    Peter Jackson's Park Road will receive the Judges Award for "The Hobbit's" high frame rate, stereoscopic 3D postproduction.Read more

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  9. Summer Box Office Wrap: Flops Aside, Season Set Records

    4:50 pm 9/2/2013

    A healthy crop of midrange and smaller pics fueled the boom, along with select tentpoles led by "Iron Man 3"; in the U.S., 3D attendance falls to an all-time low. Read more

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  10. 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Designer Reveals Klingon Birthing Process

    12:19 pm 8/28/2013

    Neville Page -- who also has worked on "Avatar," "Green Lantern" and "Cloverfield" -- shares some of the design work behind reinventing the classic "Star Trek" villains for this summer's movie.Read more

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