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  1. 'New Moon' for Taylor Lautner

    5:46 pm 1/7/2009

    After much speculation and consternation among online fans of "Twilight," Summit and director Chris Weitz said Wednesday they will bring back Taylor Lautner to play the werewolf Jacob Black in "Twilight" sequel "New Moon."Read more

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  2. Santa Barbara tells 'Truth'

    5:37 pm 1/7/2009

    The 24th edition of the Santa Barbara Film Festival will kick off Jan. 22 at the Arlington Theatre with Rod Lurie's political thriller "Nothing but the Truth," starring Kate Beckinsale.Read more

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  3. Minutemen of 'Watchmen' featured in video

    4:56 pm 1/7/2009

    With the ever-increasing interest in Warner Bros. "Watchmen," the studio released another look at the Legendary Pictures-produced  film.Read more

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  4. Film Review: Secrets of State

    4:43 pm 1/7/2009

    French director Philippe Haim appears to have bought heavily and belatedly into the idea of the global war on terror since his spy thriller "Secrets of State" imagines a fiendish terrorist plot to commit a poison gas attack on Paris which only the DGSE (the French secret services) is able to foil.Read more

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  5. TiVo has a license to license

    4:35 pm 1/7/2009

    TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said Wednesday that his company plans to step up its effort to license the TiVo DVR brand to cable TV providers once the company ends its legal wranglings with Dish and EchoStar.Read more

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  6. A shot in the arm for ABC

    4:32 pm 1/7/2009

    The second half of the broadcast season got under way this week marked by the premieres of several new and returning shows, including the ABC debut of "Scrubs."Read more

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  7. Film Review: Idiots and Angels

    4:30 pm 1/7/2009

    Veteran animator Bill Plympton ventures into David Lynch territory with "Idiots and Angels," a darkly humorous and decidedly adult fractured fable about a lout who's unable to rid himself of the angel wings sprouting suddenly on his back.Read more

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  8. Chris Matthews won't make Senate run

    4:23 pm 1/7/2009

    After months of will-he or won't-he speculation, MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews has opted not to run for Senate in his native Pennsylvania.Read more

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  9. Film Review: A Necessary Death

    4:16 pm 1/7/2009

    By now we've seen so many mock documentaries that it's tempting to suspect there are no more variations to be wrung on the specialized genre. But director Daniel Stamm has come up with a novel concept for "A Necessary Death," which won the audience award at the 2008 AFI Fest.Read more

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  10. Fox's Vinciquerra optimistic on 'Idol' changes

    4:06 pm 1/7/2009

    Tony Vinciquerra, chairman and CEO of the Fox Networks Group, is hopeful that this season of "American Idol" will be better received than last thanks to some tweaks.Read more

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