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  1. The Best Films of 2015 (So Far)

    5:00 am 7/17/2015

    A wordless Ukrainian drama, a raunchy rom-com, Pixar's latest opus and more — THR's chief film critic Todd McCarthy picks his five favorite films from the first half of the year.Read more

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  2. Throwback Thursday: Tom Selleck First Got Wet With 'Magnum, P.I.'

    1:00 pm 7/16/2015

    Before his recent trouble with Ventura County over alleged water theft, the actor became a national superstar 35 years ago when the Hawaii-based procedural topped the Nielsens for CBS.Read more

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  3. Vessel CEO Jason Kilar: "People in Technology Love the Idea of Winning an Emmy or Oscar"

    12:00 pm 7/16/2015

    "We have to step away from our biases based on how old we are and the kinds of media that we consume," says the ex-Hulu firebrand, who is betting long-term on short videos.Read more

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  4. Top 25 Digital Stars Revealed

    11:00 am 7/16/2015

    Don't recognize anyone in this story? Sorry, the answer is no longer, "Don't worry." Those 18-to-24-year-olds fleeing the TV and movie theaters are now interacting online (in spurts as short as six seconds) with these mega-talents whose influence only increases as linear and second screens converge.Read more

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  5. YouTube? So Five Minutes Ago as Meerkat, Periscope Turn Users Into Stars

    9:00 am 7/16/2015

    Snapchat and Instagram also are making celebrities out of enterprising personalities.Read more

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  6. Virtual Reality's Wannabe Spielbergs Ink Oculus Deal (Exclusive)

    7:00 am 7/16/2015

    Who can make dinosaurs look even better than they do in 3D? Felix & Paul Studios, which created 'Jurassic World: Apatosaurus' — and is at the helm of film's next, slowly evolving frontier: "You can't create an art form in six months."Read more

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  7. Instagram Star the Fat Jewish Signs Fashion Model Deal

    6:00 am 7/16/2015

    "I want to get uncomfortably famous, develop a raging drug problem, then spiral out of control and surround myself with people who only want to use me, while simultaneously alienating people who actually love and care about me."Read more

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  8. From Keith Olbermann to Bill Simmons, Why ESPN Is Sacking Top Talent

    5:00 am 7/16/2015

    Disney's sports power faces financial and league pressure as the pricey (and outspoken) Olbermann and Simmons are shown the door.Read more

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  9. BBC in Peril: What $1.2 Billion Tab Means for 'Sherlock,' 'Doctor Who'

    5:00 am 7/16/2015

    "It's very hard to see them being able to sustain current levels. Stuff is going to have to come out of various places," says one analyst.Read more

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  10. Hey, Dustin Hoffman: This Critic Says This Summer's Movies (and Amy Schumer) Prove You're Wrong

    1:00 pm 7/15/2015

    Todd McCarthy refutes the actor's jaded claim ("It's the worst it's ever been"), pointing to an abundance of terrific coming-of-age films ('The Tribe,' 'Inside Out,' 'Diary of a Teenage Girl,' 'Brooklyn').Read more

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