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  1. 'Jane the Virgin' Executive Producer on How Indie Movie Producers Can Find Funding for TV Projects

    8:00 am 4/14/2016

    Former WME agent and production executive at Paramount Pictures Gary Pearl, who recently spoke at the THR-sponsored TV & Film Finance Forum East, talks about the state of the industry and reveals that “the financing game is not for everyone.”Read more

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  2. New York Power Pairing: ICM Partners' 'Binky' Urban and New Yorker Writer Ken Auletta Share a Literary Life

    11:00 am 4/13/2016

    "Now it would probably be a no-no to date someone who basically worked for you," best-selling author Auletta says of his early romance with book agent Urban, his wife of 39 years.Read more

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  3. New York Couple: A ‘Hamilton’ Star and Her Broadway Leading Man (Who’s Also TV’s Mark Fuhrman)

    11:00 am 4/13/2016

    The newly engaged couple, who were set up by Soo's co-star Jonathan Groff just last year, share how they work around busy schedules and what they like to do in their downtime.Read more

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  4. What a $10 Million Board Seat at a Top NYC Arts Institution Will Get You

    9:00 am 4/13/2016

    "It brings power, influence, a cachet to your collection," says art advisory firm Guggenheim Asher Associates' Abigail Asher. "It also gives you inside information as to what the curators are doing [with] younger and midcareer artists."Read more

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  5. This Is the TV Show That Most New Yorkers Watch

    8:00 am 4/13/2016

    THR breaks down New Yorkers' favorite scripted shows and how that compares to the rest of America's.Read more

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  6. New Yorkers' 6 Favorite Theaters to See an Indie Film

    7:00 am 4/13/2016

    'Dior and I' was the No. 1 movie at the Film Society of Lincoln Center last year.Read more

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  7. Chefs Michael Voltaggio and Eddie Huang Debate L.A. vs. N.Y. Cuisine: Fine Dining, Fast Food and Customers

    10:00 am 4/12/2016

    The two TV personalities serve up their opinions on sushi ("L.A. is definitely on top"), which city is innovating more ("New York is a meat grinder. People will shit on you") and which dish they can't stand at Manhattan’s most overrated restaurant ("It looks like a large areola. It’s disgusting.")Read more

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  8. Blue Man Group, at 25, Reveal How a Lady Gaga Joke Got Killed and What They Look Like Without All That Makeup

    9:15 am 4/12/2016

    The founders of downtown New York's avant-garde ensemble — Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman — dish on their new sketches (now involving iPads) and how innovation keeps the franchise alive.Read more

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  9. Miniature Horses, a "Therapy Turkey" and the Rise of Support Animals in Flight

    9:00 am 4/12/2016

    Who said pigs can't fly? Service-animal registrations are at an all-time high as helping aides in the form of monkeys and 160-pound bulldogs make their way onto airplanes with ease.Read more

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  10. How LAX and Its Airlines Are Upgrading to First Class

    9:00 am 4/12/2016

    As major carriers up their game along America's most valuable route (LAX to JFK), American Airlines reveals its plans for a new, top-tier lounge for its VIP passengers.Read more

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