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  1. Emmys: Why the Academy Needs to Recognize More Web TV Providers

    12:00 pm 6/16/2015

    THR's awards analyst examines a conundrum: the growing quantity and quality of Internet TV offerings — from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others — and their relative absence from the Emmy telecast.Read more

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  2. Emmys: How 'Grey's Anatomy' Carefully Crafted Derek Shepherd's Shocking Death

    10:30 am 6/16/2015

    'Mad Men's' editor also reveals the biggest challenge behind the show's final scene featuring Don Draper's ultimate epiphany upon a seaside mountaintop.Read more

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  3. Emmys: Who Will Benefit Most From the New "Limited Series" Category?

    8:00 am 6/16/2015

    The TV Academy once again has changed its rules (goodbye, "minis," hello, "limited series") in order to better organize a slew of worthy contenders. THR's awards analyst dissects the tricky evolution of the race.Read more

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  4. Emmys: Personal Tragedy, Illness and Other Tales of Woe From the TV Season

    11:00 am 6/15/2015

    The line between television and film doesn't exist for this year's crop of limited series and telepics, whose writers, directors and producers faced cinematic challenges in bringing their stories to life.Read more

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  5. 'Empire' Showrunner: How a Petite, White Lesbian Became the Boss of a Hip-Hop Drama (Guest Column)

    10:00 am 6/15/2015

    Ilene Chaiken, a veteran of 'The L Word' whose musical taste is more Joni Mitchell than Schoolboy Q, was picked by Lee Daniels to run Fox's hit show. She shares her story with THR.Read more

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  6. Emmys: How to Create a Gotham City That Feels "Fresh"

    9:30 am 6/15/2015

    'Gotham's' production designer, along with the masterminds behind 'Wolf Hall' and 'The Knick,' reveals the secrets behind their shows' sets.Read more

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  7. Ava DuVernay, Nicole Kidman Reveal Their Biggest Inspirations: "These Women Weren't Pleasers"

    9:00 am 6/15/2015

    Six industry influencers, set to be honored at Women in Film’s annual Crystal + Lucy Awards on June 16, cite Sherry Lansing, Sissy Spacek and Lena Dunham as female pioneers, while one lavishes praise on her mom.Read more

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  8. Emmys: How Sketch Comedy Writers Create "Boner Bait"

    8:00 am 6/15/2015

    For the first time in Emmy’s 66-year history, sketch series are competing in their own category, which sheds a fresh light on their outrageous comedy risks: "People got to hear Jeff Goldblum say 'dildo' a bunch of times."Read more

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