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  1. YouTube NewFront: Jeffrey Katzenberg Hypes Acquisition; Snoop Lion Performs

    2:18 pm 5/1/2013

    Google makes its pitch for more ad money by showing off YouTube stars.Read more

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  2. Google Revenue Surges to Nearly $14 Billion in the First Quarter

    2:10 pm 4/18/2013

    The leader in Internet search earned $3.35 billion in the three months ending March 31.Read more

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  3. Google's April Fools' Joke: Search and Smell (Video)

    5:44 pm 3/31/2013

    "We realized there was an important part of the search experience we'd overlooked," product manager Jon Wooly says in announcing the new "feature."Read more

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  4. Google Handing Out $15 Million in Cash Bonuses to Four Top Execs

    4:10 pm 3/12/2013

    Chairman Eric Schmidt will get $6 million, which represents the biggest chunk of the bonus money.Read more

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  5. MPAA Chief Chris Dodd Dodges Anne Hathaway-vs.-Jennifer Lawrence Debate

    10:10 am 3/8/2013

    The major studios' rep didn't get drawn into the Oscar fray during a visit to Ottawa, but he addressed the issue of movie piracy seriously. Read more

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  6. Google Wins Partial Victory in German Copyright Battle

    7:07 am 3/1/2013

    The German parliament waters down new legislation, allowing news aggregators to publish small excerpts of print articles.Read more

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  7. RIAA Faults Google for Failing Promise to Demote Pirate Sites

    5:47 am 2/21/2013

    "Serial infringers" of music appear on the first page of Google search results more than 98 percent of the time, the RIAA says in a report card.Read more

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  8. Google Taps Popularity of Asian Pop to Promote Its Hangout Service

    2:46 am 2/19/2013

    In a first, the company's Google+ is working with 3 Korean boy bands and Japanese idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, known for her psychedelic video “PomPomPom,” which has over 44 million hits on YouTube. Read more

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  9. Intel TV Coming This Year

    11:29 am 2/12/2013

    “We’re shooting for a service that incorporates literally everything," an executive said Tuesday.Read more

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  10. Google Launches French Media Fund

    9:58 am 2/4/2013

    The search giant avoids new taxes with effort to help media companies increase ad revenue.Read more

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