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  1. Sony Hack: Legal Risks for Years to Come

    5:00 am 12/10/2014

    Town lawyers are scrutinizing leaked salaries, profitability and accounting numbers as the studio moves to limit potential liabilityRead more

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  2. FBI to Brief Sony Employees on Cybersecurity

    3:00 pm 12/8/2014

    Culver City employees will meet with the FBI on Wednesday Read more

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  3. Sony Hackers Reportedly Worked From Thailand

    6:52 pm 12/7/2014

    North Korea has officially denied responsibility for the attackRead more

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  4. Sony Hack Reveals Top-Secret Profitability of 2013 Movies

    2:25 pm 12/5/2014

    A new document reveals figures for 'This Is the End,' 'Grown Ups 2,' 'Captain Phillips' and 'American Hustle,' among othersRead more

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  5. Sony Hack: Former Employees Claim Security Issues Were Ignored

    8:48 am 12/5/2014

    "Sony’s 'information security' team is a complete joke"Read more

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  6. Sony Hack Reportedly Includes 47,000 Social Security Numbers, Celebrity Data

    3:31 pm 12/4/2014

    The files include information on former employees as well as celebrities like Sylvester StalloneRead more

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  7. Sony Hackers Reveal Seth Rogen and James Franco Pay for 'The Interview'

    7:31 pm 12/3/2014

    A 210-page document that reportedly details the film's production budget also includes Beyonce, Jay Z and Kevin Federline's salariesRead more

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  8. Sony Hack Spreads to Auditing Firm Deloitte

    11:31 am 12/3/2014

    A 2005 spreadsheet detailing employee salaries at the New York-based firm was found among the Sony files, according to Fusion. Meanwhile, the studio says the investigation into the source of the attack is ongoingRead more

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  9. Security Expert Offers 5 Tips to Prevent a Studio Hack

    7:30 am 12/3/2014

    Adam K. Levin, founder of IDT911, shares his strategy for avoiding Sony's fateRead more

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  10. Sony Hack: Studio Security Points to Inside Job

    7:30 am 12/3/2014

    North Korea might hate a new movie, but studio sources lean toward an ex-employee scenario as movies leak and multimillion-dollar salaries go publicRead more

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