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  1. Sony Hack: Bow Tie Cinemas Pulls 'The Interview'

    10:03 am 12/17/2014

    The Northeast chain is the second exhibitor to choose not to screen the controversial Sony filmRead more

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  2. Sony Hack Identity Theft Victim: I Can't Find a Job Now

    8:30 am 12/17/2014

    Freelance film accountant Nicole Basile's name was used in emails sent by hackers pointing journalists to stolen files, after which she was flooded with calls, texts and emailsRead more

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  3. Sony Hack: Hollywood Assesses Amy Pascal's Survivability

    7:00 am 12/17/2014

    Change is coming, say observers, as both Pascal and Michael Lynton feel the heat from creative decisions that led to the biggest studio scandal in yearsRead more

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  4. Sony Hack: Activists to Drop 'Interview' DVDs Over North Korea Via Balloon

    2:54 pm 12/16/2014

    "Comedies are hands down the most effective of counterrevolutionary devices," says activist Thor HalvorssenRead more

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  5. New Lawsuit Claims Sony’s 'The Interview' Put Employees in Danger (Exclusive)

    12:53 pm 12/16/2014

    The studio is hit with a second class action by employees whose privacy was breached in hackRead more

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  6. Sony Hack: New Leaked Docs Reveal Michael Lynton's Email Inbox

    9:47 am 12/16/2014

    With the emails, the hackers threaten: "Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant" from theaters showing 'The Interview'Read more

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  7. Seth Rogen Thinks "It Would Be Really Interesting" If 'The Interview' Played in North Korea

    9:28 am 12/16/2014

    The actor-director also told 'GMA' that "it's too late to have any [second thoughts]" about the controversial new Sony film.Read more

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  8. Sony Hack: Gawker Posts Copyrighted Clip From 'The Interview'

    5:50 pm 12/15/2014

    The clip shows the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-unRead more

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  9. Sony Hack: Letter to Studio Employees Details Compromised Personal Data

    3:11 pm 12/15/2014

    Hacked information may include Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers and medical information, according to the letterRead more

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  10. Sony Stock Price Hit by Hacking Problems But Worst May Be to Come

    8:10 am 12/15/2014

    Analysts are divided over long-term impact on Sony's valuationRead more

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