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  1. Comic-Con: DC/Vertigo's 'Red Thorn' Explores Scottish Mythology

    8:15 am 7/10/2015

    "I really wanted to write something rooted in the weirder end of Scottish mythology."Read more

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  2. Comic-Con: Si Spencer Offers a Hot Take on Vertigo's 'Slash & Burn'

    7:00 pm 7/9/2015

    "We’re definitely in [the same territory as] 'Breaking Bad' and 'True Detective.'"Read more

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  3. Comic-Con: DC's Vertigo Imprint to Launch 12 New Series Before End of Year

    6:00 pm 7/9/2015

    Creators include 'Supernatural' creator Eric Kripke and 'Love & Rockets' co-creator Gilbert Hernandez.Read more

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  4. Comic-Con: Where to Find the Origins of Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Movie

    5:30 pm 7/9/2015

    The new movie's collaborator, Geoff Johns, has already written a revision of the beginnings of the Dark Knight.Read more

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  5. Comic-Con: Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight III' to Feature Additional 16-Page Mini-Comics

    11:02 am 7/9/2015

    Miller will co-write and create artwork for the new series, with all-star guest artists illustrating new stories.Read more

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  6. Comic-Con: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Trailer Debuts

    5:23 pm 7/6/2015

    Ravenous geek rapture at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. Read more

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  7. DC Brings Back Classic Characters, Creators for 2016 Comic Book Launches

    9:28 am 7/6/2015

    The creators of 'Swamp Thing,' 'Raven' and 'Katana' return for new miniseries Read more

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  8. We Are All Robin: The Many Boy (and Girl) Wonders Who Have Helped Out Batman

    3:35 pm 6/21/2015

    As DC Entertainment premieres its new comic book series 'We Are Robin,' a look back at the Dark Knight's many sidekicks through the years.Read more

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  9. The Teens Who Would Be President: Explaining DC's 'Prez' Comic Books

    10:47 am 6/17/2015

    Forget Donald and Hillary, it's time to learn about Prez and Beth.Read more

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  10. All This and 'Earth-2': Explaining DC's Doppelganger Superheroes

    7:01 am 6/10/2015

    Meet Val-Zod, Alan Scott and Dick Grayson: DC's other Superman, Green Lantern and Batman.Read more

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