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  1. DC's 'Secret Six' to Return in December

    12:26 pm 9/4/2014

    "We hope to be the exact comic Frederic Wertham warned everyone about," the writer teasesRead more

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  2. Who Is Black Adam? Dwayne Johnson's DC Movie Villain, Explained

    10:47 am 9/3/2014

    Here's a brief history of Shazam's nemesis, now that he's headed for the big screenRead more

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  3. Dwayne Johnson Reveals His DC Comics Role

    8:58 am 9/3/2014

    "Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot"Read more

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  4. 'Arrow: Season 2.5' Reveals Hidden Story Between TV Seasons

    9:20 am 8/29/2014

    Writers Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizu tease what lies in store for Oliver Queen and companyRead more

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  5. Get Up to Speed on 'The Flash' and DC's Other New TV Shows

    3:33 pm 8/28/2014

    Time to hit the comic book storeRead more

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  6. Lois Lane Is Your New YA Fiction Hero

    12:26 pm 8/26/2014

    Step aside, Katniss: It's time for a teenage journalist to take overRead more

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  7. Brainiac Lays Out His Fiendish Plan in New 'Lego Batman 3' Trailer

    10:55 am 8/21/2014

    And it'll take Green Lantern's fellow Lantern Corps to save the dayRead more

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  8. 'Hero Run' Trailer Pits Batman and the Flash Against Psychic Gorillas and Deadly Clowns

    12:54 pm 8/18/2014

    Bats and Flashes and Gorillas, oh my!Read more

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  9. First Superman Comic Hits $1.6 Million in First 24 Hours on eBay

    11:15 am 8/15/2014

    It's already too far out of your price rangeRead more

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  10. Marvel Artist John Romita Sr. Teams With Son For DC's 'Superman' Issue

    8:56 am 8/14/2014

    The veteran Marvel artist moves over to DC for a variant cover on September's issueRead more

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