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  1. How Warner Bros. Can Differentiate Itself in the Marvel vs. DC Battle (Analysis)

    8:13 pm 4/2/2015

    Straying from marquee heroes allows the studio to offer a more diverse universe.Read more

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  2. Guillermo del Toro Talks Supernatural DC Project: "It All Depends on the Calendar"

    2:16 pm 4/2/2015

    "The screenplay and the characters are very solid."Read more

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  3. Adam West, Burt Ward Promise Return to Batman and Robin in 2016

    12:41 pm 3/30/2015

    Dynamic Duo will reteam for an animated project, Ward tells convention crowd.Read more

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  4. DC Entertainment Unlocks the Secrets of 'Convergence' Comic Book Event

    10:19 am 3/26/2015

    DC's co-publisher explains what to expect from the reality-bending storyline launching next week.Read more

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  5. How Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman Have Changed Their Looks Through the Years

    8:00 am 3/22/2015

    With new costumes on the horizon for DC's biggest superheroes, let's take a look through the wardrobes at the Hall of Justice.Read more

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  6. DC Entertainment Pulls Controversial 'Batgirl' Cover Following Online Outcry

    11:24 am 3/17/2015

    Rafael Albuquerque's variant cover will no longer be released in June, as originally intendedRead more

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  7. Flashback Through 75 Years of DC's 'The Flash' (Video)

    4:09 pm 3/6/2015

    Superhero company offers a run through of the character's different looks since 1940.Read more

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  8. Warner Bros. CEO Dismisses Talk of Superhero Fatigue

    11:01 am 3/4/2015

    Kevin Tsujihara also acknowledged his desire that DC just do half the consumer-products business that Marvel does. "That's a $150 million opportunity," he said.Read more

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  9. 'Lego Batman' Introduces Its Own Blockheaded Suicide Squad (Video)

    11:03 am 3/2/2015

    Amanda Waller, Deadshot and even King Shark show up in new video game trailer.Read more

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  10. Before 'Catwoman': The Problematic Record of Comic Books' LGBTQ Representation

    1:30 pm 2/27/2015

    Selina Kyle may not have been comics' first hero to come out of the closet, but she may be the most high-profile.Read more

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