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  1. DC Releases Retro 'Batman' Trailer (Video)

    3:04 pm 9/27/2013

    Artist Dave Bullock's beautiful art is showcased in a new video trailer for the second issue of DC's "Batman: Black and White" anthology.Read more

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  2. Batman Prequel Series Coming to Fox

    6:33 pm 9/24/2013

    UPDATED: The network has given a series commitment to a drama about Batman's police liaison from "Mentalist" showrunner Bruno Heller.Read more

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  3. New Writer Talks What Will Change in 'Batwoman'

    11:10 am 9/19/2013

    Marc Andreyko, the newly installed writer on DC's "Batwoman," has given an interview about the new tone he'll bring to the book -- and whether or not the character's fiancee will stay in the series.Read more

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  4. DC Entertainment Invites Fans to Join Justice League and Fight Hunger

    9:53 am 9/17/2013

    DC launches "Justice League"-themed third wave of fundraising campaign to help fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.Read more

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  5. DC Co-Publisher Explains Why Batwoman Has to Stay Single

    9:19 am 9/9/2013

    At a convention appearance this weekend, DC co-publisher Dan Didio addressed why Batwoman -- and all the Batman characters, for that matter -- need to stay single.Read more

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  6. Kneel Before 4-Page Preview of 'Action Comics: Zod' (Exclusive)

    10:46 am 9/6/2013

    As part of DC's Villains Month, the bad guy from this summer's "Man of Steel" takes over "Action Comics" to tell his origin story.Read more

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  7. New 'Teen Titans Go!' Comic Launches in December (Exclusive)

    10:03 am 9/6/2013

    DC to release a monthly digital comic based on the popular Cartoon Network series.Read more

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  8. In Sickness and In Costume: Superheroes vs. Marriage

    2:34 pm 9/5/2013

    It's not just Batwoman -- superhero comics in general seem to have a problem with the institution of marriage, judging by the treatment of its high-profile married couples in recent years.Read more

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  9. Read the First Four Pages of DC's Green Arrow: Count Vertigo (Exclusive)

    12:14 pm 8/30/2013

    Oliver Queen's nemesis takes over his comic book for September to explain where he came from and what made him as dangerous as he is.Read more

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  10. 'Man of Steel's' Death Toll Is Mythic, According to Zack Snyder

    3:19 pm 8/29/2013

    Have a problem with "Man of Steel's" massive destruction? You shouldn't, according to director Zack Snyder, as it's perfectly in keeping with the mythical roots of the character.Read more

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