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  1. Peter Tomasi on The Effect of Robin's Death on Batman (Video)

    10:55 am 7/14/2014

    Ahead of the character's potential resurrection in this week's "Robin Rises: Omega," writer Tomasi talks about why his death should mean a lot to the Dark Knight.Read more

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  2. DC to Relaunch 'Batgirl' Comic Book Series With New Creative Team

    11:12 am 7/10/2014

    A brand-new creative team promises "fun, adventure and mystery" are in the future for Batman's crime-fighting companion.Read more

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  3. DC Announces Digital Comics Based on The CW's 'Arrow,' 'The Flash'

    11:57 am 7/9/2014

    Two new series debut in September, co-written by the shows' producers, introducing new characters and villains into the television mythologies.Read more

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  4. DC Revives 'Klarion,' Remodels 'Catwoman' Into A Mob Boss

    11:00 am 7/8/2014

    In the latest pre-Comic-Con announcement, Selina Kyle becomes the head of a crime family while Gotham City welcomes the return of a classic "Witchboy."Read more

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  5. 'En Fläsh' Shows Us Bergman's Fastest Man Alive (Video)

    11:48 am 7/3/2014

    The latest short from "Aquaman: The Teen Drama" filmmaker creates the mash-up you never knew you wanted: DC's The Flash and director Ingmar Bergman.Read more

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  6. DC Launches New 'Deathstroke' Monthly Series

    12:10 pm 7/2/2014

    Building on the popularity of the character on the CW's "Arrow," DC announces a new comic book featuring the mercenary without equal.Read more

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  7. DC's 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Comic Gets Renewed For Third Year

    2:46 pm 7/1/2014

    After taking on the Justice League and Green Lanterns, the third volume of the digital series pits a rogue Superman against Constantine and the magicians of the DC Universe.Read more

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  8. DC/Vertigo Launches New Crime Drama 'The Kitchen'

    11:49 am 7/1/2014

    The 1970s period piece centers on the women left behind to run Hell's Kitchen after their husbands go to jail and what happens after the husbands are released.Read more

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  9. DC Expands Batman's World With 'Gotham Academy,' 'Arkham Manor' Series

    11:21 am 6/30/2014

    Two series debut in October, introducing a new generation to Gotham City and moving Batman's villains to a new address.Read more

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  10. DC Entertainment Revamps Comic Book Royalty System for Creators

    1:01 pm 6/24/2014

    In an email sent to writers and artists, co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee fold print and digital sales together and add colorists to the talent pool that can receive royalties.Read more

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