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  1. Marvel Unveils 'Last Days' Tie-In Branding to 'Secret Wars' Comic Event

    12:18 pm 1/21/2015

    "What would you do if you learned today was your last day on Earth?"Read more

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  2. Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans: Stakes Raised in Super Bowl Showdown, Charities to Benefit

    11:50 am 1/21/2015

    The bets are on in Chris Pratt and Chris Evans' big Super Bowl showdown and two charities stand to benefit.Read more

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  3. How Marvel's 'Secret Wars' Reboot Could Leave Comics Fans Underwhelmed (Opinion)

    4:17 pm 1/20/2015

    The first full-scale reboot for the universe since 1961 has arrivedRead more

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  4. Marvel Confirms Comic Book Reboot in 'Secret Wars' Event Series

    12:46 pm 1/20/2015

    "The Marvel Universe as you know it is done."Read more

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  5. Marvel Publisher Talks Synergy Between Comics and Movies

    12:00 pm 1/19/2015

    "One [universe] is not overriding the other, it would be way too hard."Read more

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  6. Marvel Announces Comic Book Sequel to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Post-Credit Sequence

    11:20 am 1/19/2015

    Howard the Duck meets the Guardians of the Galaxy in April.Read more

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  7. Marvel To Release 'Daredevil' Special Issue To Tie-In With Netflix Series

    10:39 am 1/16/2015

    'Daredevil' No. 15.1 will feature a story written by 'Arrow' showrunner Marc GuggenheimRead more

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  8. Marvel Announces 'True Believer' Budget Reprint Program

    1:45 pm 1/15/2015

    Line will offer $1 reissues of fan-favorite titlesRead more

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  9. Sarah Silverman to Appear in Marvel's 'Deadpool' Comic Book

    5:19 pm 1/13/2015

    Comedian and actress will cameo in this week's issueRead more

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  10. Marvel To Launch 'Secret Wars' Comic Event Via Online Livestream

    11:07 am 1/13/2015

    'Secret Wars Live Kickoff' will feature Marvel's editor-in-chief teasing the impact of the eight-issue storylineRead more

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