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  1. Marvel Readying 'Agent Carter' Series

    8:17 pm 9/18/2013

    The project is inspired by a one-shot highlighted on the "Iron Man 3" Blu-ray featuring "Captain America's" Hayley Atwell.Read more

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  2. Happy 50th Birthday, Avengers and X-Men!

    1:20 pm 9/10/2013

    September 10, 1963, saw the debut of not only Marvel's Avengers, but also the publisher's X-Men.Read more

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  3. Marvel Settles Lawsuit With 'Ghost Rider' Creator

    12:36 pm 9/9/2013

    In June, an appeals court revived Gary Friedrich's claim that Marvel no longer owned rights to the popular comic character.Read more

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  4. Marvel Reveals Its 'All-New Marvel NOW!' Future

    10:52 am 9/9/2013

    The self-styled "House of Ideas" follows up its successful 2012-2013 promotion with an "All-New" second round.Read more

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  5. Ultron 101: Get to Know Your Next 'Avengers' Villain

    1:35 pm 8/29/2013

    Now that we know who will play Joss Whedon's Ultron in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," perhaps it's time to learn a little more about just who Ultron is as a character.Read more

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  6. What Does James Spadetron Mean for 'Avengers,' Ultron and NBC?

    9:01 am 8/29/2013

    As the Internet starts to get its collective head around James Spader's casting as the titular villain of 2015's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," what can we learn from the news?Read more

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  7. Marvel Reveals Its Most Obscure, Unlikely Superhero Revival Yet

    1:23 pm 8/28/2013

    The latest issue of the publisher's "Uncanny X-Men" series brings back a character who has only made one previous appearance -- and even then, no one knew who he was.Read more

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  8. Marvel Offers 'Unlimited Plus' Digital Subscription to Fans

    4:27 pm 8/27/2013

    What happens when you love Marvel's superheroes too much for the company's Marvel Unlimited digital comics subscription? As of Tuesday, you sign up for Marvel Unlimited Plus, of course.Read more

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  9. The Wasp's Almost 'Avengers' Appearance, Revealed (Video)

    5:49 pm 8/26/2013

    Newly released animatic from Marvel's "Avengers" reveals that Janet Van Dyne -- aka "The Wasp" -- made it much farther into the movie than originally believed.Read more

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  10. The Marvel Experience Tour to Hit U.S. in 2014

    9:00 pm 8/21/2013

    The centerpiece of the ambitious, $30 million production will be a 4D motion ride.Read more

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