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  1. Marvel Returns to Roots for New 'Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu' Series

    12:40 pm 2/11/2014

    The mini-series will mix influences from Bruce Lee to Jason Bourne, according to writer Mike Benson.Read more

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  2. Marvel Global Comics Makes the House of Ideas Multilingual

    12:37 pm 2/6/2014

    Marvel goes international with a new iOS app that offers its comic book output in 12 different languages.Read more

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  3. Marvel and 'Star Wars' Prepare to Get Infinite (Report)

    1:31 pm 2/5/2014

    A report claims that the next generation of Disney Infinity will include characters from "Star Wars" and Marvel's superhero library.Read more

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  4. Marvel Names New Senior Editor of 'Spider-Man' Comic Line

    12:47 pm 2/4/2014

    Nick Lowe, formerly an editorial father figure of the "X-Men" family, steps in to take charge of the friendly neighborhood franchise.Read more

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  5. Mike Marts Jumps Ship from DC to Marvel

    10:47 am 2/3/2014

    The former lead editor for DC's "Batman" franchise moves to Marvel to become an Executive Editor on as-yet unnamed projects.Read more

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  6. Marvel Debuts 'Winter Soldier' Digital Comic Prelude

    1:04 pm 1/28/2014

    Marvel prepares for April's next big movie with a new digital comic book prologue.Read more

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  7. Feld's 'Marvel Universe Live' Tickets Go on Sale

    11:48 am 1/28/2014

    The Avengers, Spider-Man and Wolverine team up for the "game-changing" live show that'll bring Marvel's heroes to 85 cities across the U.S. over the next two years.Read more

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  8. Marvel vs. 'Star Wars,' Twitter-Style

    12:49 pm 1/23/2014

    What happens when "Star Wars" takes on the Marvel Universe? If this social media conversation is any guide, there will be a lot of trades of characters, and an Ewok/Iron Man clash.Read more

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  9. LEGO Confirms 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Sets Due Later This Year

    11:53 am 1/22/2014

    LEGO hopes to build on the success of Marvel's space opera summer movie with "Guardians"-themed releases in late summer.Read more

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  10. 'Avengers Confidential' Offers Black Widow Some Time in the Spotlight

    2:27 pm 1/21/2014

    New animated home release spins off Black Widow into a co-starring role with the Punisher as the two hunt down a terrorist cell.Read more

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