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  1. David Morrell Calls His Own 'Spider-Man' Comic 'Terrible'

    8:47 am 12/12/2013

    The New York Times bestselling author complains about the published version of his "Amazing Spider-Man" script, saying that the experience has made him quit comics.Read more

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  2. X-Men to Discover 'No More Humans' in 2014

    11:09 am 12/11/2013

    A new original graphic novel changes the X-Men's worldview by taking humanity off the planet entirely.Read more

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  3. Marvel Releases Digital 'All-New Marvel NOW! Previews' Title

    1:46 pm 12/9/2013

    The Ghost of Comics Future arrives early, with Marvel offering sneak peeks at seven "All-New Marvel NOW!" series via a digital freebie.Read more

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  4. Marvel Gives X-Men Antihero Magneto His Own Comic Book

    12:47 pm 12/5/2013

    Ahead of next year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" movie featuring two versions of the character, Marvel gives the Master of Magnetism his own ongoing comic book series.Read more

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  5. 'Thor: The Dark World' Villain to Plague Iron Man in 2014

    11:13 am 12/5/2013

    A new storyline for Marvel's "Iron Man" comic book brings Tony Stark up against Malekith, the "dark elf" from the most recent Marvel Studios release.Read more

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  6. Marvel Offers 'Wolverine' Digital Freebie

    1:49 pm 12/3/2013

    Marvel celebrates the holidays -- and the success of its fan-favorite cinematic mutant -- with a free gift for those redeeming digital download codes throughout December.Read more

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  7. Marvel Postpones 'Inhuman'

    11:21 am 12/2/2013

    The much-publicized new series is pushed three months out by its publisher, with all initial orders cancelled, just over a month ahead of the planned release date.Read more

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  8. Petition Asks Marvel to Drop Gender-Defined Merchandise Descriptions

    12:25 pm 11/27/2013

    A longtime Marvel fan created the petition asking the company to remove the gender definitions for T-shirts, watches and kids' clothes in its online merchandise store.Read more

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  9. Death Knocks Three Times for Marvel's 'Uncanny Avengers'

    10:21 am 11/27/2013

    Three fan-favorite heroes die in today's issue of the Marvel Comics title, prompting upset online.Read more

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  10. Marvel to Push 'Guardians of the Galaxy' for Free Comic Book Day 2014

    1:40 pm 11/25/2013

    Marvel announces second "Guardians of the Galaxy" freebie comic as part of next year's annual May giveaway event.Read more

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