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Donald Trump

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  1. Trump Calls EgyptAir Crash "Another Terrorist Attack"

    9:24 am 5/19/2016

    Officials have launched investigations into the crash but say it is too early to determine whether it was due to a technical error or an act of terrorism.Read more

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  2. Jeff Bezos Calls Donald Trump's Criticism "Not Appropriate"

    8:31 am 5/19/2016

    The Amazon founder and Washington Post owner told a technology conference that "it's critical that we be able to carefully examine our leaders."Read more

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  3. Critic's Notebook: Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Kiss and Make Up in Her Primetime Special

    6:56 pm 5/17/2016

    Kelly's mano-a-mano encounter with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was the main event in her show, which also featured interviews with Laverne Cox, Robert Shapiro and Michael Douglas. Read more

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  4. Megyn Kelly Asks Donald Trump Rapid Fire Questions

    6:05 pm 5/17/2016

    Donald Trump tells Megyn Kelly that his favorite film is 'Citizen Kane,' but confesses he doesn't have much time for reading full books.Read more

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  5. Melania Trump Says the Clintons Didn't Send Her and Donald a Wedding Gift

    4:38 pm 5/17/2016

    She also revealed the time Michael Jackson tried to kiss her in her latest interview with DuJour magazine.Read more

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  6. Megyn Kelly Sits Down With Donald Trump; Talks Family, Social Media and Their Bad Blood

    4:36 pm 5/17/2016

    Trump’s interview aired Tuesday on 'Megyn Kelly Presents.'Read more

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  7. Webby Awards: Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian Dominate Ceremony

    12:09 pm 5/17/2016

    THR's roundtable video series was among the winners of what's been called the internet's highest honor, handed out at a New York City event hosted by Nick Offerman.Read more

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  8. Donald Trump Floats Own Narrative About Megyn Kelly Pretaped Interview

    9:20 am 5/17/2016

    "It will be interesting to see how she treats me — I think she will be very fair," the presumptive GOP presidential nominee tweeted.Read more

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  9. J.K. Rowling Defends "Bigoted" Donald Trump's Right to Free Speech

    7:10 am 5/17/2016

    "If my offended feelings can justify a travel ban on Donald Trump, I have no moral ground on which to argue that those offended by feminism or the fight for transgender rights or universal suffrage should not oppress campaigners for those causes," the 'Harry Potter' author says. Read more

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  10. Seth Meyers Explains Why Donald Trump Posing As Own PR Rep Matters

    6:40 am 5/17/2016

    “The only way John Miller could have been more obviously fake is if he was three 10-year-olds, standing on top of each other, in a trench coat," the 'Late Night' host said Monday night.Read more

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