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Donald Trump

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  1. SiriusXM Suspends Glenn Beck for Agreeing With Author's Anti-Trump Comment

    1:35 pm 5/31/2016

    Brad Thor asked "what patriot will step up" to stop President Trump if he tried to exceed the powers of his office.Read more

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  2. North Korean Media Endorses Donald Trump as "Wise Politician" (Report)

    8:58 am 5/31/2016

    The editorial says Hillary Clinton is "dull" and American voters should not elect her.Read more

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  3. Stephen Hawking: Donald Trump Appeals to "Lowest Common Denominator"

    6:53 am 5/31/2016

    He said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is a "demagogue."Read more

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  4. Richard Dreyfuss Calls Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump "Whores"

    10:20 am 5/30/2016

    "The most important thing about America is that money doesn't make you more American than anyone else. It shouldn't. I thank a good god," the actor says. Read more

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  5. Bernie Sanders Calls a Donald Trump Presidency a "Real Danger to the Entire World"

    7:32 pm 5/27/2016

    "You know, Trump claims to be a real tough guy, pushes people around. Hey, Donald, let's have a debate about the future of America," says the senator.Read more

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  6. Donald Trump Passes on "Inappropriate" Debate With Bernie Sanders

    1:23 pm 5/27/2016

    "I will wait to debate the first-place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be."Read more

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  7. Hillary vs. Trump: The "Striking" Differences in Their Reactions to Terrorist Bombings

    9:00 am 5/27/2016

    Showtime's Emmy-hopeful docuseries 'The Circus' captures the presidential candidates at their most unguarded as the co-host and executive producer recounts how each candidate responded to the Belgium attacks. Read more

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  8. "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli Backs Donald Trump

    8:46 am 5/27/2016

    It's doubtful the presumptive GOP presidential nominee will want this endorsement.Read more

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  9. Bernie Sanders Stands By Trump Debate Idea on 'Kimmel'

    6:58 pm 5/26/2016

    "You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently," Sanders told Jimmy Kimmel.Read more

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  10. Donald Trump Celebrates Locking Up the GOP Nomination With McDonald's

    3:38 pm 5/26/2016

    "Celebrating 1,237!"Read more

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