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Donald Trump

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  1. How a Donald Trump Presidential Win Could Chill the Global Film Industry

    7:30 am 5/5/2016

    The Republican frontrunner's trade proposals and America-first rhetoric have international dealmakers on high alert. Says Mexico's national film chamber, Canacine: "We hope that for the good of Mexico and the good of the United States Trump does not become president."Read more

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  2. Donald Trump Skewered by Late-Night Hosts After Huge Indiana Victory, Likely GOP Nomination

    7:20 am 5/5/2016

    "I mean, Ted Cruz lost but because Donald Trump won. It's like finding out your herpes is gone, but it's because your dick fell off," 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah tells his audience. Read more

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  3. Hollywood Conservatives to the Never-Trumpers: Time to Rally Around the Donald

    6:00 am 5/5/2016

    "Trump laughs at Barbra Streisand's and Steven Spielberg's money, while Hillary scrounges on the floor for Hollywood's pennies. Americans prefer Trump's approach," says Shawn Steel, California's RNC representative.Read more

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  4. Norman Lear Calls on Hollywood Democrats to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

    5:55 am 5/5/2016

    "Post-Indiana, it's time and it's sensible, sooner rather than later, to unite behind Hillary lest we and our values be trumped," says the iconic television creator and liberal activist.Read more

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  5. "Loose Cannon" and a "Rigged Deal": Trump, Clinton Spar in the Media

    4:39 pm 5/4/2016

    "I don’t think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump running our country," Clinton told CNN, while Trump, now the last GOP candidate standing, said, "She can’t put it away."Read more

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  6. Rolling Stones Ask Trump to Stop Playing Their Songs

    2:38 pm 5/4/2016

    The band joins Adele and Steven Tyler, who also have asked the candidate to stop using their music at campaign events. Read more

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  7. Trump Clinches Nomination: Who Are the Media Winners and Losers?

    1:55 pm 5/4/2016

    Not all are licking their wounds. Some are luxuriating in a measure of "I told you so" satisfaction.Read more

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  8. 'Family Guy' Skewers "Dumb Loudmouth" Donald Trump in Emmy Campaign

    1:14 pm 5/4/2016

    The art, which arrives with voters this week, features Peter Griffin drawn to resemble the presumptive GOP nominee. Read more

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  9. Ann Coulter's Message to Never-Trumpers: "Move out of DC"

    12:52 pm 5/4/2016

    The syndicated columnist also explains why she thinks the mogul is actually a conservative. Read more

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  10. News Divisions Brace for Donald Trump Spectacle at GOP Convention

    12:33 pm 5/4/2016

    “Is it going to look like a Vegas show from the 80s? Is it going to look like a Miss Universe pageant?" asks NBC's Chuck Todd. Read more

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