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Donald Trump

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  1. Protests Turn Violent Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico

    8:38 pm 5/24/2016

    Trump's supporters responded to the demonstrators with chants of "Build that wall!"Read more

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  2. Stephen King, Jennifer Egan Among Authors to Sign Petition Against Donald Trump

    4:18 pm 5/24/2016

    More than 400 writers added their names to an online letter condemning the presumptive Republican nominee for his "appeals to the basest and most violent elements in society."Read more

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  3. Johnny Depp Continues to Laugh Off His Australian Dog Apology Video

    9:25 am 5/24/2016

    The actor also jokes Donald Trump doesn't call him anymore after he impersonated the presidential candidate for a 'Funny or Die' bit. Read more

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  4. Donald Trump to Fundraise in L.A. as Hollywood Conservatives Fret Over Backing Him

    6:13 pm 5/23/2016

    “This town will get vicious to those who support Trump,” predicts one filmmaker.Read more

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  5. John Oliver Criticizes "Erratic Clusterf—" of the U.S. Primary and Caucus System

    6:45 am 5/23/2016

    "There’s no clearer piece of evidence that our system is broken — no more thoroughly dead canary in the coal mine — than when Donald Trump is actually making sense.”Read more

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  6. Scott Baio: Hillary Clinton Will Take Away Hollywood's "Toys" If Elected

    9:37 am 5/20/2016

    The former 'Happy Days' actor, of course, is a Donald Trump supporter. Read more

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  7. Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Trump-Led RNC With Monster Truck Rally-Type Ad

    8:13 am 5/20/2016

    "There's going to be yelling, angry white men, hats with words on them!"Read more

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  8. Trump Calls EgyptAir Crash "Another Terrorist Attack"

    9:24 am 5/19/2016

    Officials have launched investigations into the crash but say it is too early to determine whether it was due to a technical error or an act of terrorism.Read more

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  9. Jeff Bezos Calls Donald Trump's Criticism "Not Appropriate"

    8:31 am 5/19/2016

    The Amazon founder and Washington Post owner told a technology conference that "it's critical that we be able to carefully examine our leaders."Read more

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  10. Critic's Notebook: Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Kiss and Make Up in Her Primetime Special

    6:56 pm 5/17/2016

    Kelly's mano-a-mano encounter with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was the main event in her show, which also featured interviews with Laverne Cox, Robert Shapiro and Michael Douglas. Read more

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