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Donald Trump

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  1. Donald Trump Campaign Bans Iowa Newspaper From Event

    8:39 pm 7/24/2015

    The newspaper published that Trump is "unfit to hold office."Read more

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  2. Jackie Mason Is Rare Entertainer Defending Donald Trump

    2:25 pm 7/24/2015

    His opponents are trying to figure out a way to "get rid of the guy," says the legendary comic. "It’s going to reach the point that, pretty soon, sooner or later, one guy is going to take a gun and shoot him.”Read more

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  3. Donald Trump Says 'Daily Show' "Begging" Him to Appear on Jon Stewart's Final Episode

    12:32 pm 7/23/2015

    Stewart has delighted in covering Trump's presidential run, regularly mocking the real estate mogul's comments.Read more

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  4. Rachel Maddow Mocks Trump Campaign with Seth Meyers: "Is He Gonna Bite the Head Off a Bat?"

    9:00 am 7/23/2015

    "Is he gonna pull his pants down? Like, is he gonna pull somebody else's pants down? Is he gonna bite the head off a bat? You know, like, what else can happen?"Read more

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  5. Funny or Die Mocks Donald Trump's John McCain Comments, Calls Him a "Prisoner of Wharton"

    5:43 am 7/23/2015

    "Instead of being free to fight for his nation, Trump was forced to stay on his college campus and slog through the swampy minefields of hotel/resort management," a voiceover in the video says, mocking the real estate mogul's lack of service in Vietnam.Read more

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  6. Fox News' Roger Ailes Responds to Rupert Murdoch-Donald Trump Flap

    5:00 am 7/23/2015

    "My relationship with Rupert has never been better — I talked to him three times today, and none of the conversations involved Donald Trump or The New York Times," Ailes tells THR of the media coverage highlighting a feud between his boss and the Republican presidential contender.Read more

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  7. Jon Stewart on Donald Trump Success: People Love "Spectacular Manmade Disasters"

    3:18 am 7/23/2015

    "Much like incessant masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame," Stewart said of constantly covering the presidential candidate.Read more

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  8. How Did Donald Trump Get a $110K SAG Pension?

    4:09 pm 7/22/2015

    His most visible TV work has been as host on 'The Apprentice' and 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'Read more

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  9. Watch Lindsey Graham Destroy His Cell Phone After Donald Trump Gave Out His Number

    2:55 pm 7/22/2015

    The video is titled, "How to Destroy Your Cell Phone With Sen. Lindsey Graham."Read more

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  10. Donald Trump's Personal Financial Disclosure Form Released: Book Royalties, Speech Fees and More

    10:49 am 7/22/2015

    At 92 pages, the report cites 515 entities for which Trump holds title. Read more

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