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Glenn Beck

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  1. Glenn Beck Calls Donald Trump a "Narcissist to the Highest Level"

    7:38 am 2/1/2016

    "He's a man that said, 'I've slept with peoples' wives' ... and yet he's also said that he's never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything he's done."Read more

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  2. Glenn Beck Asks Audience to See Benghazi Movie to Send Message to Hollywood

    2:14 pm 1/15/2016

    "I warn you, it is going to make you a little angry," the host said of Paramount's Benghazi film. "This movie is just outrageous."Read more

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  3. CNBC Debate Fallout Continues: Could Future Moderators Include Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity?

    2:43 pm 11/2/2015

    “Traditional mainstream media has treated the debates as comedies, as propaganda, and as ratings and revenue opportunities, even as they mock conservative candidates. It’s an outrage,” Beck wrote in a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.Read more

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  4. Jon Voight Says '60s When U.S. Values "Turned Upside Down"

    12:49 pm 10/12/2015

    "It was a very disturbing period of time. The left moved in, and when I say the left, I mean Marxism," Voight said in an appearance on Glenn Beck's radio show to promote his new movie 'Woodlawn.' Read more

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  5. Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly Square Off During (and After) Debate

    3:51 pm 8/7/2015

    Carly Fiorina tweets support for Kelly in the ongoing battle, and Glenn Beck warns Trump: "Never tangle with her ... she will cut you up into little tiny pieces."Read more

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  6. Former Glenn Beck Execs Launch Digital Media Venture, Sign Jason Blum's Blumhouse (Exclusive)

    12:08 pm 7/29/2015

    Red Seat Ventures is designed to connect content creators directly with their audiences.Read more

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  7. The Introspective Roger Ailes: Fox News' Chief on Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Brian Williams' Future ("I'd Put Him Back") and His Own

    10:50 pm 4/17/2015

    Ailes, 74, arguably the most powerful person of the next election, opens up about Rupert Murdoch, his dislikes (Elisabeth Murdoch's "creepy" ex-husband Matthew Freud), that MLK photo in his office and lesbian friends ("People don't know me"), and the new field of candidates as he grows his $15 billion empire.Read more

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  8. Oscars 2015: 'American Sniper' "Hero" Lyric Doesn't Make Cut for Opening Song

    1:39 pm 2/23/2015

    The lyrics, according to Playbill, originally included a line referencing "a hero of Afghanistan." The final version includes a nod to "a sniper in a combat zone.”Read more

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  9. Glenn Beck: It's "Critical" That Americans See 'Selma'

    4:00 pm 1/12/2015

    The conservative host also excoriates some "racists" who have visited his Facebook page to dismiss the filmRead more

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  10. Glenn Beck: AP "Raped" Bill Cosby by Posting His Response to Rape Allegations Question

    8:18 am 11/21/2014

    "You’ve just raped Bill Cosby"Read more

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