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Glenn Beck

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  1. Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity Attacked in New Video Game

    2:52 pm 9/7/2011

    Several personalities from the Fox News Channel are targeted for destruction in "Tea Party Zombies Must Die!" created by an advergaming company with a Hollywood clientele.Read more

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  2. Glenn Beck: Jewish People 'Drive Me Out of My Mind' by 'Constantly Talking' (Audio)

    8:19 pm 8/25/2011

    "I don't know how that society even functions," he tells his radio listeners on the heels of a trip to Israel.Read more

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  3. Matt Damon Is Suddenly The Hollywood Liberal That Conservatives Love to Hate

    12:26 am 8/5/2011

    Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart and Fox News hosts are among those mocking the actor after his videos went viral online.Read more

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  4. Glenn Beck Jokes About Whistleblower Sean Hoare's Death (Audio)

    11:05 am 7/20/2011

    The radio personality also tells listeners to "pray" that the pressure on News Corp. stops because "that is the parent company of Fox News Channel."Read more

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  5. Glenn Beck Moving to Dallas to Build Film, TV and Radio Studios (Video)

    3:09 pm 7/11/2011

    The former Fox News star also tells the media, "Leave my family alone," after reporters leak details that he says put the lives of his wife and children at risk.Read more

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  6. Glenn Beck's Exit Prompts Fox News Attack on Media Matters (Video)

    10:58 am 7/3/2011

    “Fox News Watch” devotes a large portion of its show to criticizing the media watchdog group, which toasted Beck’s departure with a party.Read more

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  7. Glenn Beck Launching Clothing Line for Charity (Video)

    1:30 pm 7/1/2011

    The brand will be called 1791: The Original Blueprint.Read more

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  8. With Fox News Show Over, How Glenn Beck Is Spending the Summer

    9:33 am 7/1/2011

    The talk show host has a few months before his GBTV show officially kicks off this fall.Read more

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  9. Glenn Beck Farewell: Keith Olbermann Bids Adieu to the Fox News Host (Video)

    8:20 am 7/1/2011

    Current TV's newest face revisits Beck's tenure and reveals why he gave him the nickname “Lonesome Rhodes.”Read more

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  10. Glenn Beck's Last Show: What Critics Say

    5:36 am 7/1/2011

    While one writes his ratings will be "difficult to repeat," another notes his last hour on Fox News was “quiet, banal and kind of pathetic.”Read more

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