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James Cameron

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  1. Q&A: James Cameron & Martin Scorsese

    6:00 am 11/15/2011

    THR sat down with a laudatory James Cameron and director Martin Scorsese for an exclusive discussion of the movie and its use of 3D.Read more

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  2. Occupy Kim Kardashian, Not Wall Street, Says Top Canadian TV Pundit

    1:08 pm 11/6/2011

    Veteran CBC commentator tells anti-capitalist movement to target "the whole dam clan of Khardashians for their shameless cupidity." Read more

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  3. James Cameron: With 'Titanic,' James Horner 'Reinvented the Romantic Score'

    4:47 pm 10/30/2011

    The composer, editor Terry Rawlings and cinematographer Pawel Edelman were honored at eDIT Filmmakers Festival.Read more

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  4. James Cameron Previews 18 Minutes of $18 million 3D Conversion of 'Titanic'

    1:23 pm 10/28/2011

    The new version of the Oscar-winning picture will arrive in theaters April 6.Read more

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  5. Douglas Trumbull Advocates Higher Frame Rates at SMPTE

    12:22 pm 10/26/2011

    The inventor and "2001: A Space Odyssey" visual effects guru said 3D is forcing filmmakers to deal with the issue.Read more

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  6. 'The Adventures of Tintin': What James Cameron Showed Spielberg and Jackson

    3:07 pm 10/18/2011

    The "Avatar" director, who made bold advances in motion capture working with Weta's visual effects wizards, gave his colleagues a hands-on demonstration. They left convinced that computer-generated animation could do justice to the Herge comics.Read more

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  7. 'Avatar' Is The Most Pirated Movie Of All Time

    2:43 pm 10/12/2011

    The 20th Century Fox film has been downloaded 21 million times since its 2009 release, according to a new study. Here's a full list of the top 10 most pirated films.Read more

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  8. James Cameron Promises to Keep 'Titanic' Intact with 3D Release

    3:00 pm 10/11/2011

    The director and Lightstorm partner Jon Landau unveiled 17 minutes of the converted 1997 hit, dated special effects still included.Read more

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  9. Officials Call Titanic Necklace Theft 'Embarrassing'

    2:26 pm 9/21/2011

    The gold plated piece was part of a traveling exhibition of artifacts from the sunken ship.Read more

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  10. Michael Bloomberg Is America's Wealthiest Media Mogul

    10:43 am 9/21/2011

    Bill Gates tops the list as the nation's richest person; other people on the list include Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner and Mark Cuban.Read more

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