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Jason Alexander

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  1. Jason Alexander Woos 'Baywatch' Babe, Mocks Coffee Culture in New Nickelback Video

    4:45 pm 8/17/2012

    The "Seinfeld" star doesn't limit his extra-curricular music gigs to rock bands, he'll also be hosting "The Big Picture," the Los Angeles Phil's tribute to Paramount Pictures on the studio's 100th anniversary.Read more

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  2. Jason Alexander's Anti-Gun Tweet Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

    1:20 pm 7/23/2012

    "They are not guaranteed or protected by our constitution. If they were, then we could all run out and purchase a tank, a grenade launcher, a bazooka, a SCUD missile and a nuclear warhead," the "Seinfeld" star wrote.Read more

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  3. Jason Alexander Apologizes for Calling Cricket a 'Gay Game'

    3:47 pm 6/3/2012

    The "Seinfeld" actor had made the controversial comments while appearing on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson."Read more

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  4. Mitt Romney's Newest Challenger: George Costanza? (Video)

    2:57 pm 2/23/2012

    The presidential candidate opens a debate with a reference to the "Seinfeld" character, prompting actor Jason Alexander, and his Twitter followers, to launch "Costanza 4 Prez" campaign.Read more

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  5. New York Gay Marriage Ruling: What Hollywood Is Saying on Twitter

    9:22 pm 6/24/2011

    See what Kathy Griffin, Alec Baldwin, Alyssa Milano, Jason Alexander and others are tweeting in response to the news. Read more

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  6. Celebrities Tweet About Charlie Sheen's Firing

    5:37 pm 3/7/2011

    Jason Alexander jokingly pitches himself as a replacement on "Two and a Half Men," while Joan Rivers, Norm MacDonald, Sarah Silverman and others make cracks about the troubled actor.Read more

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  7. VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld: Beloved Comedian, or Evil Genius Plotting a World Takeover?

    11:09 pm 1/24/2011

    An apparent Seinfeld fan has taken to cutting a "trailer" for "Jerry the Great," a fictional movie featuring Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and George (Jason Alexander) as diabolical geniuses plotting a world takeover.Read more

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  8. 'Double Rainbow' Trends Worldwide on Twitter After Los Angeles Rain Ends

    5:51 am 12/23/2010

    "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander enthuses, "I don't wanna be 'double-rainbow' guy, but that was spectacular."Read more

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  9. TV Host Denies Misrepresenting 'Let It Be' Project to David Faustino

    5:02 pm 12/9/2010

    "It was a charity version of the song, and maybe someone might have misunderstood this," says "Gylne Tider’s" Øyvind Mund.Read more

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  10. Norwegian TV Station Says 'Let It Be' Video Legal

    6:03 am 12/8/2010

    The Norwegian television channel behind the "Let It Be" viral video sensation says none of the singing celebrities appearing on the clip were coerced or fooled into giving their karaoke version to the Beatles classic.Read more

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