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Jennifer Carpenter

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  1. USA Network Passes on Jennifer Carpenter Starrer 'Stanistan'

    5:09 pm 2/12/2015

    Leaving pilots 'Queen of the South' and 'Evil Men' in contention.Read more

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  2. Jennifer Carpenter's 'Death Class' Lands at NBC With 'Dexter' Producer

    10:15 am 10/24/2014

    Based on the book by Erika HayasakiRead more

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  3. U.S. Studios Head to Canada With Drama Pilots

    7:13 am 2/25/2014

    ABC Studios has five shoots in Vancouver and Toronto, including the Jennifer Carpenter starrer "Sea of Fire," "Warriors" and "Exposed." Read more

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  4. 'Dexter's' Jennifer Carpenter to Star in ABC's 'Sea of Fire'

    6:25 pm 1/29/2014

    She'll play a driven FBI agent in the drama from "Scandal's" Jenna Bans.Read more

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  5. 'Dexter's' Jennifer Carpenter Talks Deb's Final Journey, Justice for Dex

    10:00 pm 9/22/2013

    "I'm picturing an older model television where you have to get up to turn the TV off and then it slips into that tiny little dot until it's all gone -- that's what I feel like is happening to me," the actress tells THR.Read more

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  6. 'Dexter' Cast, Creators Talk Endgame, Pitch Spinoff Ideas

    10:00 am 9/21/2013

    "It's hard to imagine him not being punished in one way or another. It's pretty reasonable to expect to see someone go down," star Michael C. Hall tells THR.Read more

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  7. 'Dexter's' Jennifer Carpenter Picks Her Favorite Deb Expletive

    11:22 pm 9/12/2013

    The cast hit the Paley Center to bid farewell to the Showtime serial-killer drama.Read more

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  8. 'Dexter's' Jennifer Carpenter: Deb Has Hit Rock Bottom

    10:50 am 7/21/2013

    Can Deb ever forgive Dexter? "I don't think that you'll ever see Debra be with Dexter the way she did early in the series. She will never support or champion his Dark Passenger, but she will find a way to co-exist," the actress tells THR.Read more

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  9. 'Dexter' Cast Previews What's to Come in the Final Season

    7:00 pm 6/30/2013

    "Eventually they do find their way back to each other," showrunner Scott Buck tells THR of Dexter and Debra's journey. Read more

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  10. 'Dexter' EP Sara Colleton: Dexter Will Find Out the Cost of Being Human

    4:33 pm 6/28/2013

    "We're now in our last season and the central paradox of the show is that Dexter sees himself as a monster but yearns to be human," Colleton tells THR.Read more

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