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Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Ellie Kemper Announces Pregnancy on 'Tonight Show'

    9:40 pm 4/13/2016

    The actress discussed how her news affected filming on 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' after she told her boss Tina Fey. Read more

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  2. Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Consume Weird Mixed Beverages While Playing "Drinko"

    7:09 am 4/7/2016

    Fallon struggled to keep his prune juice-salsa verde concoction down.Read more

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  3. Jimmy Fallon Makes 2016 Presidential Candidates' Voices Sound Like Pee-wee Herman

    9:15 am 3/31/2016

    The late-night host replaced the voices of Cruz, Trump, Sanders and Clinton.Read more

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  4. Ben Affleck Teases 'Batman v Superman,' Cuddles with Puppies with Jimmy Fallon

    10:01 pm 3/24/2016

    The 'Batman' star introduced a clip from the film and later played Pup Quiz on Thursday's episode. Read more

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  5. Don Cheadle and Saoirse Ronan Play Catchphrase With Jimmy Fallon

    8:16 am 3/23/2016

    Saoirse Ronan is all about "throwing shapes."Read more

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  6. Jennifer Garner Couldn't Breathe in Her Oscars Gown

    10:36 am 3/17/2016

    So much so that she considered standing up during the ceremony, until her friend said, "If you stand up, they'll think you're Kanye West."Read more

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  7. Zoe Kravitz Beats Jimmy Fallon in Inflatable Flip Cup Game

    8:57 am 3/16/2016

    "Cry it out buddy, cry it out."Read more

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  8. Shailene Woodley No Longer Hugs Reporters Because They Wear Too Much Perfume and Cologne

    6:01 am 3/15/2016

    "You're just like, 'Well, there goes my smell for the rest of the night.'"Read more

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  9. Jimmy Fallon Makes His Own TGIF Theme Song

    10:17 pm 3/3/2016

    'The Tonight Show' gets a new '90s look inspired by 'Fuller House.'Read more

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  10. THR Critics Debate: Which Late-Night Host Is Best Skewering This Election?

    2:04 pm 3/3/2016

    THR TV critics Tim Goodman and Daniel Fienberg examine the late-night landscape and argue over who's offering the sharpest insights into our wild primary season.Read more

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