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Jimmy Kimmel

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  1. Cecil the Lion Donations Hit $470,000

    8:20 am 7/31/2015

    U.S. philanthropists have thrown their weight behind the appeal, which kicked off following Jimmy Kimmel's Cecil segment on Tuesday.Read more

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  2. Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump's Love of the Word "Disgusting" With Montage Video

    7:58 am 7/30/2015

    Jimmy Kimmel showed just how often Donald Trump uses the word "disgusting."Read more

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  3. Oxford University Wildlife Research Team “So Grateful” for Jimmy Kimmel’s Cecil the Lion Appeal

    1:31 am 7/30/2015

    "It will be a wonderful monument to Cecil the lion if we are empowered by these donations to continue and to increase our conservation work."Read more

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  4. Jimmy Kimmel's Cecil the Lion Segment Helps Raise More Than $150,000

    4:43 pm 7/29/2015

    Not 24 hours after Kimmel's emotional bit, more than 2,600 people made donations to Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.Read more

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  5. Kimmel Chokes Up On Air Over Cecil the Lion, Likens Hunter to Bill Cosby

    10:05 pm 7/28/2015

    Kimmel eviscerated "jackhole" Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who killed the much-loved lion. Read more

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  6. Jimmy Kimmel Wears Bridesmaid Dress to Help the Bachelorette Pick Wedding Gown

    9:19 am 7/28/2015

    Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiance promised Kimmel they will be together in a year — or they'll pay him $1,000.Read more

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  7. Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Brie Larson Dramatically Read the Emoji Movie "Script"

    11:25 am 7/23/2015

    "Someone said, 'You know those little pictures people text each other? Let's make a movie about 'em.' And walked out of the office with a million bucks. It's a fun town," Kimmel joked of the pitch for the film.Read more

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  8. Charlize Theron Invited Obama to Strip Club: "Michelle Obama Is Going to Kill Me"

    9:44 am 7/21/2015

    "I have this thing that when I’m really nervous, I have this thing where I say something really inappropriate … "Read more

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  9. Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Joke About Donald Trump and NBC Parting Ways

    10:26 pm 6/29/2015

    "Instead of cutting ties, I wish they would cut his hair," said Kimmel.Read more

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  10. Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden Mock Kim Kardashian With Future Letters to Themselves

    7:57 am 6/18/2015

    "My hands identify as black."Read more

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