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Juan Williams

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  1. The Introspective Roger Ailes: Fox News' Chief on Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Brian Williams' Future ("I'd Put Him Back") and His Own

    10:50 pm 4/17/2015

    Ailes, 74, arguably the most powerful person of the next election, opens up about Rupert Murdoch, his dislikes (Elisabeth Murdoch's "creepy" ex-husband Matthew Freud), that MLK photo in his office and lesbian friends ("People don't know me"), and the new field of candidates as he grows his $15 billion empire.Read more

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  2. Andrew Breitbart to Star Posthumously in Two Movies; See Trailers (Video)

    8:52 pm 3/6/2012

    The late conservative was in the process of filming "Hating Breitbart" and "Occupy Unmasked" before his death; "unprecedented access."Read more

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  3. House of Representatives Passes Bill Eliminating NPR's Federal Funding

    1:14 pm 3/17/2011

    The Senate is expected to kill the legislation, which is opposed by the White House.Read more

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  4. Ron Schiller Out at Post-NPR Job

    10:44 am 3/9/2011

    After being caught on tape calling Tea Partiers "racist," he will not be going to the Aspen Institute, a spokesman tells THR. Read more

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  5. Juan Williams: NPR Execs 'Prostitute Themselves for Money' (Video)

    7:27 am 3/9/2011

    Speaking out about Ron Schiller's firing, the former NPR analyst says execs at the radio syndicator are doing "damage to real journalism."Read more

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  6. NPR Executive Caught on Tape Calling Tea Partiers 'Racist' (Video)

    10:01 am 3/8/2011

    “We are appalled by the comments made by Ron Schiller in the video, which are contrary to what NPR stands for," says a spokesperson.Read more

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  7. Juan Williams on Ellen Weiss' Resignation: 'It's Good News for NPR'

    3:26 pm 1/6/2011

    Commentator, who was fired by NPR last year, calls station's culture "incestuous." Read more

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  8. NPR Executive Who Fired Juan Williams Steps Down

    11:17 am 1/6/2011

    The board also voted that CEO Vivian Schiller will forgo her 2010 bonus because of "concern over her role in the termination process."Read more

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  9. Fired NPR Analyst Juan Williams Signs Two-Book Deal

    8:29 pm 12/14/2010

    Crown Publishing Group says first book will "focus on free speech and the growing difficulty in America of speaking out on sensitive topics."Read more

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  10. Roger Ailes Half-Apologizes for Calling NPR 'Nazis'

    6:23 am 11/19/2010

    The Fox News chief quips "nasty, inflexible bigot" would have worked been a more suitable insult.Read more

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