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  1. CNN's Cruise Ship Coverage Roundly Mocked by Jon Stewart, Media Snarkers (Video)

    8:24 am 2/15/2013

    The "Daily Show" host called CNN's expansive focus of the cruise ship Triumph "wall-to-shit-covered-wall coverage," and others also took shots at the network.Read more

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  2. CNN's Martin Savidge Gets Schooled by Carnival Cruise Victim

    7:12 am 2/15/2013

    After the correspondent compares the situation on the disabled ship to Hurricane Katrina, passenger Rob Kenny says those are "two different things."Read more

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  3. Police Seek Blackout of Live Video, Reporter Tweets in Possible Christopher Dorner Shootout

    3:50 pm 2/12/2013

    As authorities face off against a man suspected of being the alleged killer, they've asked networks to limit their reporting in order to protect officers in the line of fire.Read more

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  4. L.A. Manhunt Suspect Christopher Dorner Praises CNN, MSNBC Talent in Manifesto

    11:18 am 2/7/2013

    The fugitive ex-cop's writings also single out Charlie Sheen as being "effin awesome." Read more

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  5. Fox News Is Most - and Least - Trusted Source for News: Poll

    6:57 pm 2/6/2013

    Meanwhile, Comedy Central is as credible a news source as NBC, according to a survey by Public Policy Polling.Read more

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  6. Fox News Channel Drops Dick Morris

    4:13 pm 2/5/2013

    UPDATED: The strategist who worked for President Clinton until making a right turn made liberals giddy when he wrongly predicted a victory for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.Read more

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  7. Piers Morgan, Ted Nugent Have Heated Argument Over Gun Control (Video)

    3:58 pm 2/5/2013

    "You're full of crap!" the musician tells the CNN host, who learned to fire an assault rifle in order to question its necessity. Read more

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  8. Chinese Censors Temporarily Black Out CNN International

    7:35 am 2/1/2013

    During an interview about hack attacks on the New York Times, the news network went dark in the country for six minutes. Read more

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  9. MSNBC Airs Sandy Hook Father's Unedited Testimony After Critics Complain (Video)

    4:36 pm 1/30/2013

    Conservatives said the edited footage made it appear as though Neil Heslin was shouted down by Second Amendment advocates at a hearing in Connecticut, and rival network anchor Anderson Cooper agreed.Read more

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  10. Bodies Pile Up as Jeff Zucker Puts His Stamp on CNN

    5:00 am 1/30/2013

    Mary Matalin, James Carville, Bill Bennett and others are shown the door as the cable network plots a way to break Hollywood news and move more heavily into sports and travel.Read more

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