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  1. Jon Stewart Rips Apart SOPA And Its Sponsors (Video)

    1:10 pm 1/19/2012

    The comedy central host puts the Congressmen who are backing the Internet-regulatory bill on blasts for calling Internet experts "nerds" and not understanding their own bill. Read more

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  2. TCA: Comedy Central Lets Everything Fly on Sketch Show 'Key & Peele'

    1:40 pm 1/14/2012

    The tagline for a show featuring "MadTV" veterans says it all: “If you don’t watch this show … you’re racist.”Read more

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  3. Stephen Colbert Transfers Super PAC to Jon Stewart Freeing Himself Up For a Presidential Run (Video)

    9:53 pm 1/12/2012

    The Comedy Central comedians performed a passing of power as the "Colbert Report" host announced he is forming an exploratory committee to possibly enter the 2012 race. Read more

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  4. Jon Stewart Skewers Epic GOP Debates on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

    7:06 am 1/10/2012

    The Comedy Central host joked the presidential hopefuls have run "out of things to talk about."Read more

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  5. Jon Stewart Compares GOP Race to Amish 'Rumspringa,' Likens Candidates to 'White Man's' Chocolate Sampler

    10:56 pm 1/3/2012

    “Santorum, really? Republicans, you’re gonna try every chocolate in the box?” Stewart joked.Read more

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  6. Denis Leary Stirs Outrage as Charlie Brown Converts to Islam (Video)

    1:34 pm 12/27/2011

    Some activists say the star and co-creator of "Rescue Me" is engaging in Islamophobia with his three-minute take on the holiday classic.Read more

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  7. 'Robot Chicken' Producer On His New Larry David, Larry Flynt Comedy Central Project (Q&A)

    6:04 pm 12/12/2011

    Alex Bulky talks to THR about talking animals, retired superheroes and why reviving a 'Liquid Television' style concept could prove very lucrative.Read more

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  8. Comedy Central Development Slate: New Shows from Jeff Ross, 'Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac (Exclusive)

    8:00 am 12/7/2011

    The slate also includes vehicles for Twitter funnyman Rob Delaney, Charlie Sheen Roaster Amy Schumer and a hybrid project from Nathan Fielder.Read more

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  9. Jon Stewart on Donald Trump Moderating a GOP Presidential Debate: 'Thank You, Jesus!' (Video)

    10:54 pm 12/6/2011

    "Sometimes when God closes a door, he opens a window," the "Daily Show" host says. "And sometimes standing outside that window is a circus peanut wearing a badger."Read more

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  10. Comedy Central Bets on 'Gajillionaires,' Two More Comedies (Exclusive)

    8:00 am 12/6/2011

    The Viacom-owned cable network's development slate includes script orders for two animated projects and a live action buddy comedy.Read more

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