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  1. MPAA Document Appears to Bolster Case Against VFX Subsidies (Analysis)

    5:33 pm 2/26/2014

    The filing in a non-entertainment trade case has ramifications for an effort to end foreign subsidies that benefit the major studios.Read more

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  2. Top MPAA Lawyer on Google's Failures, Suing Kim Dotcom and Obama After SOPA (Q&A)

    7:00 am 1/4/2014

    "It doesn't surprise me that Kim Dotcom has set himself up as some champion of something or a martyr, but it doesn't stick," Hollywood's new antipiracy cop Steven Fabrizio tells THR of the controversial figure.Read more

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  3. Beijing Court Finds Search Engine Baidu Guilty of Copyright Infringement

    8:53 am 12/9/2013

    The company was ordered to pay video streaming website Youku Tudou $78,560 in damages for illegally hosting 18 Chinese TV shows.Read more

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  4. Beijing Court: Chinese Online Video Company Infringed Copyrights

    10:03 pm 12/3/2013

    MPAA member studios welcome the decision against Beijing Funshion Online Technology, but are disappointed by the amount of damages awarded.Read more

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  5. 'Wolf of Wall Street' Avoids NC-17 After Sex Cuts

    2:37 pm 11/27/2013

    UPDATED: Insiders also confirm that Martin Scorsese's film -- starring Leonardo DiCaprio -- runs a minute shy of three hours, making it the longest movie of the 2013 Christmas season.Read more

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  6. MPAA CEO Chris Dodd Received $3.3 Million in 2012

    5:33 pm 11/19/2013

    Updated: The movie industry lobbying association paid 200 employees an average of $143,000 apiece in salary and benefits last year.Read more

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  7. MPAA Taps Steven Fabrizio as Global General Counsel

    11:59 am 11/14/2013

    Hollywood studios go to a THR "Power Lawyer" to lead its legal team.Read more

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  8. Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Has More Than Tripled Since 1985 (Study)

    8:19 am 11/11/2013

    Last year, the amount of weapons use in PG-13 titles was greater than that in R-rated films.Read more

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  9. Harvey Weinstein Enlists Judi Dench's James Bond Character in 'Philomena' Rating Fight (Video)

    10:36 am 11/7/2013

    The film's star reprises her role as M and dispatches an agent in a new video released ahead of the company's MPAA appeal next Wednesday.Read more

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  10. How the MPAA Came Out Ahead in a Birthing-Method Bloggers War

    5:43 am 9/11/2013

    The film industry's trade association stood by a woman who gave the middle finger (and then a copyright takedown notice) to another woman.Read more

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