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  1. MPAA's Chris Dodd Rules Out Mandatory Curbs on Gun Violence in Entertainment

    5:58 pm 1/9/2013

    The MPAA chief tells THR that the industry will discuss voluntarily guidelines during a White House meeting this week.Read more

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  2. MPA Launches Mobile App to Boost Reporting of Illegal Camcording in Asia-Pacific

    12:36 am 12/12/2012

    The new tool will allow theater personnel to quickly report piracy in progress by typing in information on smartphones or tablets.Read more

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  3. MPAA Chief Chris Dodd Congratulates Obama on Re-Election

    10:46 pm 11/6/2012

    The president "has demonstrated a great understanding of the importance of intellectual property to the fundamental strength of the American economy," he says.Read more

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  4. MPAA Chief Chris Dodd Offers Olive Branch to Tech Industry over SOPA

    10:59 am 10/3/2012

    “Despite what the media and the advocates on the extremes would have you believe, the content and technology communities are not adversaries,” the former U.S. senator writes in an online opinion piece.Read more

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  5. MPAA Launches Consumer-Facing Website

    3:23 pm 9/13/2012

    Trade organization creates TheCredits.org, showing industry's behind-the-scenes work and promoting products. Read more

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  6. MPAA's Chris Dodd Praises Democratic Party Platform on Intellectual Property

    10:33 pm 9/4/2012

    The former Democratic senator also applauds the party's stance on Internet freedom, a week after similarly lauding the GOP's platform.Read more

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  7. MPAA Suffers Legal Setback in Big Copyright Decision

    12:45 pm 8/3/2012

    Appellate circuit overturns an injunction against a social linking website as the MPAA says it is "studying the ramifications."Read more

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  8. 'Dark Knight Rises' Shootings: MPAA Expresses 'Shock and Sadness'

    7:08 am 7/20/2012

    Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd comments on the attack on people at a movie theater near Denver.Read more

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  9. How Hollywood Convinced California's Senate to Pass a Bill Increasing Piracy Damages

    6:53 am 4/30/2012

    An obscure case last year challenged the value of damages from piracy. Now, California law on calculating restitution could be on the verge of changing what pirates owe.Read more

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  10. Hotfile Slams MPAA's Interpretation of YouTube Ruling

    7:53 am 4/16/2012

    What did the Second Circuit really say in its recent verdict on Viacom's appeal? Hollywood studios offer a reading. The cyberlocker has its own interpretation. There's no peace in ongoing copyright wars.Read more

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