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  1. Florida Judge Tosses a Key MPAA Claim Against Hotfile (Exclusive)

    8:13 am 7/11/2011

    The movie industry's battle against Hotfile is a test case concerning rampant alleged piracy on cyberlocker sites.Read more

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  2. Entertainment and Broadband Companies Partner to Curb Online Content Theft

    7:37 am 7/7/2011

    The MPAA, RIAA and online service giants, including Comcast, have agreed on a common framework for so-called copyright alerts, similar to credit card fraud alerts, designed to notify and educate consumers.Read more

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  3. Bob Pisano Steps Down as MPAA President and COO

    10:11 am 6/27/2011

    He will act as an adviser after his official departure.Read more

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  4. MPAA's Chris Dodd Presses China to Open Film Market

    3:31 am 6/13/2011

    “If the argument is that China’s not mature enough, well that’s baloney,” the MPAA chairman said at the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival Monday. Read more

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  5. Ottawa To Tackle Pirates of the Canadians, Again

    8:18 am 6/1/2011

    The Canadian government is to make a fourth attempt at copyright reform for the digital age at the urging of Hollywood, with success likely now that the ruling Conservatives control the House of Commons in Ottawa. Read more

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  6. Senators Introduce Bill to Fight Websites with Pirated Content

    10:13 am 5/12/2011

    Industry groups and unions lauded the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act (PROTECT IP Act) and a separate bill that would classify illicit online streaming of copyrighted content as a felony.Read more

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  7. Gregory Peck Stamp Ceremony Draws Chris Dodd, Sharon Stone

    5:38 pm 4/28/2011

    The actor is pictured in a "To Kill a Mockingbird" film still on the latest of the U.S. Postal Service's Legends of Hollywood series.Read more

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  8. MPAA Head Chris Dodd Plans to Reach out to NATO on Premium VOD

    8:23 am 4/25/2011

    He says his relative inexperience and the need to stay out of business decisions of individual studios have so far kept him quiet on the controversial topic of early-release films.Read more

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  9. MPAA Urges Legislation Against 'Rogue' Sites

    8:08 am 4/6/2011

    Congressional action would "go a long way towards shutting down the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works," executive vp, government affairs Michael O’Leary said.Read more

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  10. MPAA's Chris Dodd: Piracy Is 'Single Biggest Threat We Face as an Industry'

    11:40 am 3/29/2011

    In his inaugural speech at CinemaCon, he says: "It is critical that we aggressively educate people to understand that movie theft is not just a Hollywood problem. It is an American problem." Read more

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