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  1. PTC Slams Problematic Portrayals of Women at "Toned Down" VMAs

    8:34 am 8/25/2014

    There was less twerking but still some troubling momentsRead more

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  2. 'Sons of Anarchy's' School Shooting Draws Ire of Parents Television Council

    11:07 am 9/12/2013

    The conservative watchdog group used the episode, which also featured rape scenes, as an opportunity to push for a la carte networks.Read more

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  3. Parents Television Council Blasts MTV's VMAs as Serving Sex to Teens

    10:08 am 8/26/2013

    The conservative watchdog group uses the awards telecast as an opportunity to push for a la carte networks.Read more

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  4. PTC Slams Ke$ha Drinking Urine on MTV

    6:17 pm 5/21/2013

    The Parents Television Council is calling upon the cable industry to unbundle its channels, saying customers should not have to pay for "disgusting, vile content."Read more

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  5. Oscars 2013: a Brief History of Host Seth MacFarlane's Run-Ins With the PTC

    7:00 am 2/23/2013

    The comedian and "Family Guy" creator's headlining the broadcast has predictably drawn the ire of the TV watchdogs -- who have called him out almost too many times to recall.Read more

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  6. Parents Television Council Blasts CBS for Super Bowl F-Bomb

    10:15 am 2/4/2013

    "No one should be surprised that a jubilant quarterback might use profane language while celebrating a career-defining win, but that is precisely the reason why CBS should have taken precautions," the conservative organization says.Read more

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  7. Watchdog Group Blasts Violence on AMC's 'Walking Dead'

    10:41 am 12/13/2012

    The Parents Television Council claims the zombie drama features some of the "most graphic and brutally intense violence and gore imaginable" and urges the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board to change the TV-14 "misrating." Read more

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  8. ABC's 'Apt 23' Draws Parents Television Council's Ire

    10:37 am 4/17/2012

    The watchdog organization dubs the freshman comedy a "sexist mixed-bag of hedonism" and is holding advertisers AT&T and Volkswagen accountable. Read more

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  9. American Express, General Motors Top Parents Television Council's 'Worst' Advertisers of 2011

    11:55 am 11/23/2011

    The watchdog group reveals its annual list of brands that strayed from "family friendly" programming over the last season -- and the top 10 it chose to endorse.Read more

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  10. Howard Stern Talks 'America's Got Talent': 'I'd Be Better Than the Hoff'

    6:03 am 11/18/2011

    The shook jock also vowed that he wouldn't "curse like a raving lunatic" on the broadcast show, but said he is not currently negotiating to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on the NBC talent series.Read more

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