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  1. WGA Announces Feature Access Project Honorees

    11:07 am 2/26/2014

    Nine diverse screenwriters are honored.Read more

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  2. WGA Contract Talks in Recess for Two Weeks

    7:25 pm 2/15/2014

    Negotiations resume March 4.Read more

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  3. Gavin Polone: I Was So Wrong About the WGA Strike (Guest Column)

    9:00 am 2/11/2014

    The producer, who publicly questioned the wisdom of the 2007 guild shutdown, now wishes to praise everything the WGA gained as talks for a new studio contract begin.Read more

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  4. WGA Negotiations Begin: Studios' Opening Proposals Includes Alleged $60 Million in Rollbacks

    12:05 pm 2/3/2014

    The WGA's new deal will probably resemble that of the Directors Guild, which ratified its contract last month with solid gains.Read more

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  5. WGA Awards: How Honoree Paul Mazursky Captured the Culture (Q&A)

    11:00 am 1/31/2014

    The writer-director, who tracked the winds of social change that swept across America beginning in the '60s with his movies like "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" and "An Unmarried Woman," talks to THR about the impact of his films and which of his works he thinks was underrated.Read more

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  6. Lorenzo Semple Jr., Creator of TV's 'Batman,' Dies at 91

    11:44 am 1/29/2014

    He moved to the movies and wrote screenplays for "The Parallax View," "Three Days of the Condor," "Papillon," "Flash Gordon" and "Never Say Never Again."Read more

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  7. Sylvester Stallone's 'Expendables' Launches Nasty Writers Battle

    11:37 am 1/29/2014

    A legal dispute over the hit action franchise -- in which Stallone has been taking punches from writers who claim their work was stolen -- exposes the whole messy system of who gets credit for what.Read more

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  8. WGA Contract Talks With Studios to Begin Feb. 3

    12:58 pm 1/28/2014

    Negotiations for a new three-year deal will begin Monday ahead of the May 1 expiration of the guild's current contract.Read more

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  9. Studios Back WGA Payment Initiative

    7:31 pm 1/23/2014

    The AMPTP releases a statement agreeing that writers should get paid on time.Read more

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  10. WGAW Launches Program to Curb Late Payments to Screenwriters

    11:04 pm 1/22/2014

    Guild leaders say they are hoping to change a "chronic problem" in Hollywood.Read more

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