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Paul Rudd

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  1. Box Office Preview: East Coast Theaters Brace for Hurricane Irene

    4:02 pm 8/25/2011

    UPDATED: Movie-going in New York City could slow to a standstill as Mayor Bloomberg orders evacuations in low-lying areas and makes plans to shut down subway service.Read more

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  2. New Movie Reviews: 'Colombiana,' 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,' 'Our Idiot Brother' Hitting Theaters

    3:21 pm 8/25/2011

    What is THR's critical take on the new films hitting the cinemas Friday? Read more

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  3. 'Our Idiot Brother' Director Jesse Peretz Talks Sundance Edits and Name Change

    2:36 pm 8/25/2011

    In an interview with THR, the helmer discusses the film’s new ending and offers an update on his upcoming project, “What’s This S*** Called Love.” Read more

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  4. ABC Bans Weinstein Company's 'Our Idiot Brother' Commercial (Video)

    10:40 am 8/25/2011

    UPDATE: The network is asking TWC to make three cuts to the spot -- a visual of an exchange what is assumed to be drugs; a visual of Paul Rudd's character using a juice box to depict urination; and various references to getting high and smoking.Read more

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  5. Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother': Director Jesse Peretz Talks Casting

    1:41 pm 8/24/2011

    In an interview with THR, the helmer discusses the “Chateau” actor and his “I Love You, Man” co-star, Rashida Jones.Read more

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  6. Our Idiot Brother: Trailer

    10:00 pm 8/22/2011

    Trailer for 'Our Idiot Brother' starring Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks.Read more

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  7. BULLSEYE, August 19: 'Conan,' 'One Day,' 'Fright Night,' 'Spy Kids,' More

    10:27 am 8/19/2011

    Which movies are audiences actually going to see this weekend?Read more

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  8. What Fantasy Football Means to Hollywood

    1:29 pm 8/10/2011

    Actors and execs are among the 27 million sucked in as the recession-proof, $1 billion-a-year craze keeps growing, fueling record nfl ratings, websites, radio shows and an insatiable national obsession.Read more

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  9. Paul Rudd Smashes Harvey Weinstein's Oscar in Funny or Die Video

    6:49 am 8/10/2011

    Rudd also mocks Weinstein's movies and presents marketing ideas written on a piece of toilet paper.Read more

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  10. Antonio Gates: 11 Questions About Fantasy Football

    1:18 am 8/10/2011

    The starting tight end for the San Diego Chargers explains why he'd draft Drew Brees over Aaron Rodgers.Read more

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