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Bill O'Reilly

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  1. Behind the Scenes With THR's 35 Most Powerful People in Media

    2:00 am 4/10/2013

    From Charlie Rose to Kelly Ripa, THR photographs the influential individuals who bring us our news and entertainment.Read more

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  2. Stephen Colbert Freaks Out Over Bill O'Reilly's Gay Marriage Reversal (Video)

    9:24 am 3/28/2013

    The faux-conservative Comedy Central host loses his cool over his Fox News mentor's change of heart on marriage equality. Goats are involved.Read more

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  3. Bill O'Reilly Calls Gay Marriage Opponents 'Bible Thumpers,' Seemingly Reversing Stance (Video)

    6:11 am 3/27/2013

    The conservative pundit said of the Supreme Court cases over same-sex marriage, "The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals."Read more

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  4. Nat Geo Adapting Bill O’Reilly’s 'Killing Jesus' (Exclusive)

    12:45 pm 3/25/2013

    With the author and Fox News personality's "Killing Lincoln" adaptation pulling a record 3.4 million viewers and "Killing Kennedy" already in the works, it will mark the third collaboration between O'Reilly, the cable net and Scott Free Productions.Read more

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  5. Jon Stewart Suggests Bill O'Reilly for Pope, Skewers Catholic Church (Video)

    7:18 am 3/8/2013

    With the search to find a new pope under way, "The Daily Show" frames the secretive selection process in Rome as a dirty political campaign.Read more

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  6. Bill O'Reilly Calls Michelle Obama's Oscar Appearance 'Propaganda' (Video)

    10:02 pm 3/1/2013

    Harvey Weinstein would never have invited Laura Bush to present, the Fox News host told Jay Leno.Read more

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  7. TV Ratings: 'Killing Lincoln' Pulls Record 3.4 Million to Nat Geo

    1:59 pm 2/18/2013

    The cable network continues its foray into scripted entertainment, pulling new highs in viewership with the presidential telepic.Read more

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  8. Glenn Beck Says Al Gore Didn't Allow Him to Bid on Current TV (Video)

    2:33 am 1/11/2013

    The people behind Al Jazeera "stone women and homosexuals in their streets," Beck tells Bill O'Reilly. "Wow, I'm proud to not have the same cornerstone of values as Al Gore."Read more

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  9. Nat Geo Adapting Bill O’Reilly’s 'Killing Kennedy'

    10:36 am 1/3/2013

    Already premiering a telepic based on the Fox News personality's "Killing Lincoln" in 2013, the network is reteaming with producer Ridley Scott on another one of the author's best-selling books.Read more

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  10. 'This Changes Everything': Piers Morgan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough Take on Gun Control After Newtown

    3:20 pm 12/18/2012

    The CNN host gets combative, the Fox News commentator targets Quentin Tarantino and the MSNBC analyst has an emotional change of heart in the wake of historic tragedy. Read more

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