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Michael Moore

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  1. Michael Moore Hospitalized With Pneumonia Ahead of 'Where to Invade Next' Release

    8:43 am 2/5/2016

    On Friday, less than a week before the release of his latest documentary, the filmmaker revealed he's been in the ICU since Sunday night but said he's getting better and would be discharged later in the day.Read more

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  2. Charlton Heston's Son, an Oscar Voter, Criticizes "Orwellian" Diversity Changes

    2:32 pm 1/29/2016

    "This move was ill-advised, ill-considered, possibly illegal, and in essence just all kinds of wrong," Fraser Heston states.Read more

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  3. Watch THR's Full, Uncensored Documentary Roundtable With Alex Gibney, Michael Moore - Documentary Oscar Roundtable

    6:30 am 1/25/2016

    Alex Gibney and Michael Moore join four other notable documentary filmmakers of the past year for The Hollywood Reporter's Documentary Oscar Roundtable.Read more

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  4. Oscar-Winning Producer Denounces "Spoiled Brats" Crying "Racism"

    7:00 am 1/22/2016

    "As far as Michael Moore is concerned, he is a socialist always looking to insert his brand of racist hatred. Spike Lee — haven't I heard this from him before?" says 'Schindler's List' producer Gerald Molen.Read more

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  5. Flint Water Crisis Documentary in the Works

    12:26 pm 1/21/2016

    The director who took on Donald Trump and his Scotland golf course development promises the inside story on mass poisoning in Michigan from drinking tap water. Read more

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  6. Ben Carson: Oscar Boycott Is Mainly Relevant to "a Few Hollywood Elites"

    12:37 pm 1/19/2016

    At "the end of the day, the American people have far more important concerns," the presidential candidate stated. Read more

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  7. Critic's Notebook: For Politically Charged Films, Timing is Everything

    4:00 pm 12/31/2015

    It’s a truly weird season when a new Michael Moore movie is one of the least topical, but the impact of a politically charged film is often a matter of timing (just ask Spike Lee).Read more

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  8. Michael Moore on New Wave of Gun Violence: "The NRA Is Actually Half Right" (Guest Column)

    5:55 am 12/22/2015

    The 'Where to Invade Next' filmmaker argues that even if the U.S. banned guns, its lack of a social safety net would still turn many toward violence: "We just need to modify [the NRA's slogan] to, 'Guns don’t kill people — Americans kill people.'"Read more

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  9. Michael Moore Protests Outside Trump Tower With "We Are All Muslim" Sign

    7:47 am 12/17/2015

    "You're not so tough, Donny." Read more

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  10. Michael Moore Moves Release of 'Where to Invade Next' to Presidential Primary Season

    4:03 pm 12/11/2015

    The film will have an Oscar-qualifying run in L.A. and N.Y. beginning Dec. 23, but its wide opening has been postponed.Read more

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