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Peter Jackson

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  1. 'The Hobbit': Peter Jackson Live-Blogging Final Day on Set

    7:49 pm 7/25/2013

    The director shares the harrowing details of his Middle-earth swan song over Facebook.Read more

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  2. Comic-Con: Lego's New 'Hobbit' Set to Be Revealed

    8:44 am 7/19/2013

    It's based on Peter Jackson's sequel, "The Desolation of Smaug," and features Bilbo and Thorin.Read more

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  3. Comic-Con: Peter Jackson Says No 'Hobbit' Footage This Year

    11:56 am 7/2/2013

    The director tells fans he's too busy "working six days a week" finishing up the next two installments of the series to attend the annual convention or prepare new footage for the show.Read more

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  4. 'The Hobbit': Orlando Bloom Says Goodbye to Legolas With Viral Video

    4:35 pm 6/29/2013

    The actor sings along to the 2007 online sensation “They Are Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.”Read more

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  5. Peter Jackson: 'Why I Love Harry Knowles' (Guest Column)

    5:00 am 3/29/2013

    The "Hobbit" helmer says he was smitten by the Ain't It Cool founder from the start: "Harry was one of us."Read more

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  6. Ain't It Cool's Harry Knowles: The Cash-Strapped King of the Nerds Plots a Comeback

    5:00 am 3/28/2013

    The founder of the once-renegade movie site, who earned the admiration of Peter Jackson and Steve Jobs, is struggling for money and relevance in the wild media landscape he helped to create.Read more

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  7. Newly Released 'Hobbit' Documents Reveal Details of Nasty Union Dispute

    4:52 pm 2/27/2013

    The previously confidential documents highlight the role Peter Jackson played in opposing what he called the "toxic nonsense" of a unionization effort.Read more

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  8. Lawyer Pens Detailed Analysis of 'Hobbit' Contract Between Bilbo and Dwarves

    4:55 pm 1/22/2013

    "Law and Superheroes" author James Daily tackles whether the One Ring is rightfully Bilbo's and other questions the film raises. Read more

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  9. Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' Nails Down China Release Date, Opens in February

    1:41 pm 1/14/2013

    The 3D tentpole will use the run to boost its chances of hitting $1 billion worldwide in box office grosses.Read more

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  10. CES 2013: Computer Maker Xi3 Touts Revamped Microserv3r

    11:12 pm 1/9/2013

    The server is designed to be low-power, low-heat and extremely compact and can be used even in remote shooting locations.Read more

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