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Sarah Palin

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  1. Sarah Palin Calls Obama’s State of the Union Address a "WTF" Moment

    8:00 am 1/27/2011

    Criticizing his 'Winning the Future'-themed speech, she says "that acronym is spot on."Read more

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  2. Cable News' Sarah Palin Sickness

    7:08 pm 1/22/2011

    They just can't quit her: The real reasons behind MSNBC and Fox News' co-dependence on a reality show star with sinking approval ratings, whom they nonetheless keep alive as Obama's opposition leader.Read more

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  3. Fox Denies Banning Joan Rivers Over Sarah Palin Remarks

    2:16 pm 1/19/2011

    The channel says they are still "booking her" even though she called its paid contributor "stupid."Read more

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  4. Piers Morgan CNN Show Beats Larry King Ratings by 200%

    10:51 am 1/18/2011

    Monday night's "Piers Morgan Tonight" premiere attracted 2.1 million viewers, including 521,000 in the 25-54 year-old demographic, according to Nielsen. Read more

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  5. Sarah Palin Agrees to First Interview Since Arizona Shooting

    10:02 pm 1/13/2011

    Alaska's former governor, who has been blamed by many for the tragedy, will sit down with Fox News' Sean Hannity on Monday.Read more

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  6. PIC: Rush Limbaugh's Bullet Hole Billboard Near Tucson Shooting

    9:44 am 1/13/2011

    The ad for his radio show also brags he's a "straight shooter."Read more

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  7. Sarah Palin Accuses ‘Journalists and Pundits’ of 'Blood Libel' in Arizona Shooting

    7:30 am 1/12/2011

    UPDATED: Read her first public statement since the attack on U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- and the reaction to her use of the highly charged term.Read more

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  8. VIDEO: Barbara Walters Says It's 'Very Unfair' to Blame Sarah Palin for Arizona Shooting

    12:11 am 1/11/2011

    The "View" co-host says she's "feeling bad" for Alaska's former governor.Read more

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  9. Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin, Jane Fonda Blame Sarah Palin for Arizona Shooting

    11:14 pm 1/10/2011

    A slew of celebrities have already pointed fingers at Alaska's former governor as well as Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. Read more

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  10. Maybe Sarah Palin Will Reconsider Doing a Second Season of 'Alaska'

    12:23 pm 1/10/2011

    Sarah Palin's Alaska is rumored to be over, but maybe she'll reconsider given recent evantsRead more

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