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Ronni Chasen

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  1. Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Judge Denies Records to Filmmaker

    4:21 pm 12/11/2014

    In a tentative decision announced Thursday morning, the court agreed with a documentarian’s “general premise” that he deserves access to murder investigation files, but noted he presented a “lack of evidence” to justify his case.Read more

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  2. Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Filmmaker Reveals Neighbor’s Video Testimony on Eve of Trial (Exclusive)

    11:51 am 12/9/2014

    A Beverly Hills resident who says he directed police to a potential eyewitness to the crime claims investigators later admitted they didn’t pursue a vigorous interview because the witness didn’t speak EnglishRead more

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  3. Ronni Chasen's Murder: Lawsuit Raises Questions Over Police Investigation

    6:30 am 10/15/2014

    An Oct. 6 brief asserts that Chasen's friends, including Diane Warren and Lili Zanuck, were never interviewed by detectivesRead more

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  4. Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Key Hearing Set In Filmmaker's Public Records Battle With Police

    6:23 pm 5/27/2014

    A Dec. 11 hearing has been set in L.A. County Superior Court between the Beverly Hills Police Department and documentarian Ryan Katzenbach.Read more

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  5. Ronni Chasen Legal Fight: Police May Turn Over Limited Files for Documentary Film

    5:33 pm 3/19/2014

    A lawyer for the Beverly Hills Police Department told a judge Tuesday that it will turn over some documents concerning its handling of the investigation into the killing of the Hollywood publicist.Read more

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  6. Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Beverly Hills City, Police Request Judge's Removal

    11:53 am 12/16/2013

    In a brief court filing Monday, the city and its police department argue that Judge Robert H. O'Brien is "prejudiced" against them as he deliberates a public records access suit filed by documentary filmmaker Ryan Katzenbach.Read more

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  7. Ronni Chasen Documentary Director on Autopsy Revelations, Unanswered Questions (Q&A)

    7:00 am 12/14/2013

    Ryan Katzenbach, who forced the document's release after three years, tells THR he still wants the Beverly Hills Police Department to open its investigation file to the public -- including details on whether it sought a vehicle before zeroing in on a shooter on a bicycle.Read more

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  8. Ronni Chasen's Autopsy Finally Released After Legal Battle

    12:01 pm 12/12/2013

    The publicist died from four gunshot wounds, according to the official report from the Los Angeles County Coroner, withheld from the public for three years but released following a lawsuit filed by a documentary filmmaker.Read more

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  9. Director Sues Beverly Hills Police for Access to Ronni Chasen File (Exclusive)

    4:55 pm 11/12/2013

    Access to the slain publicist's case pits a documentary filmmaker against Beverly Hills police as alternate theories continue to surround her 2010 murder.Read more

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  10. Hollywood's New Favorite Cars Are Armored and Electrified

    9:00 am 9/20/2013

    Celebrities from Steven Seagal to Kanye West are rolling in the latest status ride: Luxury vehicles that can take a bullet -- or shock a paparazzo.Read more

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