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Russell Simmons

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  1. Russell Simmons Slams Geraldo Rivera's Apology in Trayvon Martin Controversy

    6:11 am 3/28/2012

    The music mogul blasts the TV host's mea culpa as "bull----!"Read more

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  2. The Oscars, Hollywood and Race: A Wake Up Call By Russell Simmons (Exclusive)

    9:52 am 3/2/2012

    The hip-hop pioneer and entrepreneur writes a scathing critique of the industry's disconnect from its audience.Read more

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  3. New York Fashion Week: Cinema Society Founder Andrew Saffir's Party Diary

    6:16 pm 2/21/2012

    Woody Allen chats up Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Klum's 2 am party, Isabella Rosellini's daughter's new restaurant and more Read more

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  4. Russell Brand and Katy Perry Divorce: What Hollywood Is Saying

    12:56 pm 12/30/2011

    Russell Simmons, Giuliana Rancic and other stars weigh in on the demise of the couple's 14-month marriage.Read more

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  5. Connecticut Congressman Blasts Lowe's on House Floor (Video)

    12:51 pm 12/13/2011

    Democrat Chris Murphy came out against the home-improvement company's decision to pull ads from TLC's "All-American Muslim" program in front of Congress Tuesday. Read more

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  6. Russell Simmons Calls for Lowe's Boycott, Personally Buys Ad Time on 'All-American Muslim'

    7:14 pm 12/12/2011

    The hip-hop mogul is attempting to purchase the remaining promotional time during the TLC reality series.Read more

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  7. Russell Simmons Proposes Constitutional Amendment at Occupy Boston

    12:00 pm 11/15/2011

    The music mogul tells THR of Tuesday morning's raid on Occupy protesters in NY's Zuccotti Park, "Only one percent of the one percent don't want this country to be better and that was an example of one."Read more

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  8. Jay-Z's Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts: What THR's Readers Are Saying

    9:23 pm 11/13/2011

    The rapper yanked the "Occupy All Streets" tops from his Rocawear site amid an outcry that he was not planning to share profits with protesters.Read more

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  9. Jay-Z Selling Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts; No Plans to Share Profits With Protestors

    10:04 pm 11/10/2011

    A Rocawear rep says there is not an "official commitment to monetarily support the movement," which is taking a stand against corporate greed and corruption.Read more

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  10. Heavy D Visited Doctor the Day Before His Death

    4:18 pm 11/9/2011

    The "Now That We Found Love" singer, who weighed more than 300 pounds, had flu-like symptoms before collapsing on Nov. 8.Read more

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