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Toronto Film Festival

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  1. Out in the Dark: Toronto Review

    3:19 pm 9/19/2012

    The love between a well-heeled gay Israeli lawyer and a struggling Palestinian student serves to examine harsh realities in both communities in Michael Mayer's textured drama.Read more

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  2. Twice Born: Toronto Review

    2:50 pm 9/18/2012

    Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch star as conflicted lovers in war-torn Sarajevo in Italian actor Sergio Castellitto's fourth film as director.Read more

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  3. Venus and Serena: Toronto Review

    10:01 pm 9/17/2012

    Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour, John McEnroe and Chris Rock are among those paying tribute to tennis greats the Williams sisters.Read more

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  4. Caught in the Web: Toronto Review

    9:54 pm 9/17/2012

    Chinese master Chen Kaige returns to a contemporary setting with top actors Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Hong, Mark Chao and Yao Chen.Read more

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  5. Bwakaw: Toronto Review

    3:40 pm 9/16/2012

    A six-decade veteran of film and television in the Philippines, Eddie Garcia shows both hardened and heartwarming sides in Jun Robles Lana's tender film about old age and loneliness. Read more

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  6. Emperor: Toronto Review

    3:31 pm 9/15/2012

    Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones play key figures in the fate of Japan's sacred leader in Peter Webber's historical war drama.Read more

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  7. Casting By: Toronto Review

    10:10 pm 9/14/2012

    Tom Donahue's documentary chronicles the evolution from studio contract players to the boom in the 1970s of creative casting, with Marion Dougherty leading the charge on that shift.Read more

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  8. In the House: Toronto Review

    8:30 pm 9/13/2012

    French director Francois Ozon delivers a psychologically intriguing drama about a jaded high school teacher caught up in his student's twisted semi-fiction.Read more

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  9. Underground: Toronto Review

    10:53 am 9/13/2012

    The formative years of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are covered in Robert Connolly's biodrama about the guerilla whistleblower as a young hacktivist.Read more

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  10. The Bay: Toronto Review

    8:12 pm 9/12/2012

    Director Barry Levinson teams with the producers of "Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious" on a horror movie that cleverly freshens up the found-footage trend.Read more

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